You will need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - a contract of sale or other document on the basis of which came right of ownership;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - receipt showing payment of duty;
  • - the statement;
  • - other additional documents.
To transfer the shares of the children from the housing, prepare a package of all the documents in the apartment, make copies of documents of all participants in the process. Also it is useful to have additional documents like orders or receipts for payment.
Ask for help to the notary, who will prepare and issue an agreement on the allocation of the shares of all owners. If disagreements over the division no allocation of shares does the Federal registration service and the procedure is carried out during the month. In the event of disputes concerning the allocation of shares the situation is resolved through the courts. After the court decision, the Federal registration service records the allocation of shares. In this case, the procedure lasts for three months. Article 252 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation defines the order of allocation of shares in immovable property. Unless the law provides other options or not agreed upon in advance by the owners, the shares shall be considered equal.
To make its share of the child requires the consent of all participants shared property. If you reach an agreement does not work, you can make a claim and require an appropriation in the natural order by the court. The court further decides, will not cause harm if the ownership of the allocation shares to the child. In case of impossibility of allocation each owner has the right to receive a cash payment equal to the value of their shares in immovable property, then he loses the right to this share.
To give my share to the children, you need to contact the Department of the Federal registration service and to execute the contract of donation. They provide a list of necessary for the transaction documents and, if necessary, will consult on this issue.