You will need
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment;
  • - passports of all participants of the transaction;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - the cadastral passport;
  • - the donation contract;
  • permission of bodies of guardianship (if necessary).
Prepare a special package of documents required to confirm your right of ownership and the procedure of share transfer of housing to another person. You will need a certificate of registration of property rights, as well as an excerpt from the book on the building in which your apartment is located. In the list of documents you need to include the original and a copy of the cadastral passport. In that case, if you are married, please fill out and attach the notarized statement to your spouse about absence of claims to the transfer of shares of a particular face. Also prepare originals and copies of your passport and the passport of the person to whom issued the share.
Submit the prepared documents to the Federal service of state registration on your home and start drawing up a contract of donation of a share, a sample of which you'll enjoy on the spot. If you have any questions or difficulties in compiling the document it is better to seek assistance from a professional lawyer. The agreement should contain your personal evaluation to be giving the share of the estate, as well as data on the payment of costs on conclusion of a transaction.
If the share is transferred to the juvenile, then visit with him the bodies of guardianship and guardianship, having mutual consent on the appropriate gift. In addition, if you have any outstanding mortgage loan on the apartment you must contact the appropriate Bank and obtain consent to the transfer of the shares.
Execute the written contract of donation of a share in the presence of a notary, in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Register the document in the relevant office of the Federal registration service at the location of the apartment. Give a copy of the document to the person who goes to the share. Make sure again that the contract bearing all required signatures and seals.