You will need
  • - passport;
  • - written notice;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - notarized authorization from all owners;
  • - the donation contract;
  • will.
To renew your share of the apartment itself, and to a separate certificate of ownership, you must perform the procedure for appropriation of his share in kind. This procedure is in the courts. Submit a statement to the court about the desire to allocate their share, present the cadastral plan of the apartment, check it how you can allocate your share. The court will send to the apartment of the independent Commission for consideration at a location possible to allot shares or not.
Saw your share is possible only in case if the apartment is large and in section, each owner will receive an isolated room. If the court makes a decision that each owner receives his share in kind, call a technician from BTI, to make the apartment a separate cadastral passport and register their ownership rights.
His share you can sell, exchange, give, bequeath. If you plan to re-register ownership rights to other persons by sale, we are obliged to warn all the other owners share the terms of the deal, since they have a preferential right to purchase your share (article 250 of the civil code). To warn about the sale of its shares, send a notarized notice to all owners of a registered letter with the investment inventory. If none of the owners had no intention of buying your share on the common grounds specified in the notice, then after one month you are eligible to renew their share to outsiders.
To give isolated in nature share you can, without asking permission from the other owners. Will draw up a contract of donation and register of ownership rights to the donee person.
If the allotment of share in kind is not possible, then each owner will be determined by the share percentage. In this case, to renew their share by selling impossible, but to give it to you, getting a notarized permission from all owners.
After obtaining notary authorization from all the owners, you can conclude the contract of donation and to renew its share of the bestowed person.
To bequeath her share to anyone you can, regardless of whether it is allocated in kind or as a percentage. Contact the notary will submit the documents to the apartment and make a notarial will, putting one or more persons who will inherit your property.