For the drafting and conclusion of the agreement on the definition of shares, all owners of apartments must apply to the notary. The notary will draw up and execute the necessary agreement, subject to the consent of all owners. If one of the owners of the apartment do not agree with his specific share or wants to determine the proportion in principle, you have to go to court.
In accordance with applicable law, we determine the proportion should be equal. For example, if you live in an apartment 4 people, then each share will be 1/4 of the apartment. Since the ownership of the apartment is shared, the separation of accounts does not occur.
Defined in the flat share can be identified, which means recognizing them as the private property of the individual. It is worth remembering that it is possible to define an isolated room, for example, a room. There is another problem - the law requires that the allocated room had its own entrance. In other words, to allocate a room in an apartment on the fifth floor is not possible.
Thus, the allocation of shares in the apartment - the procedure is extremely difficult. It is more applicable to one-story rural homes. Living in the cheaper apartments across the court to determine title to the apartment or to sell its stake (for example, in a conflict relationship with roommates). When determining the right to use the apartment through the courts, it is important that the rooms in the apartment were separate and not related, since this definition involves the establishment of a procedure under which one owner will be entitled to use the room # 1, and the other room # 2.