You will need
  • - all the documents in the apartment, including the ownership certificate, the contract on privatization, the contract of sale;
  • - copies of passports certifying the persons of residents, and also establishing the degree of kinship;
  • documents available on request (receipts, checks, statements, orders).
Determine the number of owners has the right of possession, use and disposition of apartment. Most often, this process can be carried out independently, however, faced with the incomprehension of relatives, or in the event of a conflict made a statement on the definition of the co-owners in court. In the course of civil law dispute is to be installed, the number of co-owners of the existing space.
Submit the prepared documents and the application for establishing the share of each owner in the building. Allocation of shares occurs on the basis of articles 252-254 of the civil code. That is, if the right to the apartment have 5 people, then each will receive a certificate of lawful possession 1/5 of the housing.
A certain share can be identified, that is to recognize each as a property for a specific family member. However, to highlight the apartment a separate room, the law requires the presence of an own entrance, that is, even theoretically, in the apartment of this procedure is not possible. Such a process is easier to implement with a single storey dwelling house.