You will need
  • -a statement to the court
  • -plan of the apartment from BTI
  • -the Commission act
  • -the court's decision
For allotment of share in kind should write an application to the court. At the hearing, you must submit a plan of the apartment received in the BTI and to note how it is possible to divide the apartment.
Section apartments in nature is possible only in case if the apartment is large and each owner or individual family owners will get a separate isolated room. Before the court determines the personal share of each owner in the nature of a Commission will be created, which will determine on the spot, it is possible to allocate the share in kind or not. The court will make the decision on the basis of the act, the Commission surveyed the dwelling.
If the shares are divided in kind, each owner or family of owners received their own separate isolated room, then notifying all owners a letter with an attachment of a notarial deed on the terms of the sale, his share can be sold who wishes to buy it to one of the owners or a third person by default all owners.
But before we do, it is necessary to issue a new technical documents to the apartment and to each owner his certificate of ownership on your share.
If the room is too small or to each owner it is impossible to identify an isolated room, the apportionment of the share in kind is impossible. In this case, the court will award a share of each in percentage terms.
If the share of each allocated as a percentage, someone wants to waste your time, and the other owners do not agree, the court forced forced to pay money corresponding to the size of the share of the apartment.