Advice 1: How much is a puppy husky

Laika is a common name, in fact, several breeds of hunting dogs bred in the Northern territories of the forest zone of Eurasia. The indigenous people used them not only for hunting wild animals, but also as sled dogs. If you are going to buy a puppy husky as a pet, the cost of it will depend on what kind of husky he belongs.
How much is a puppy husky

Types of huskies

The Russian-European Laika is different in black and white color, and black color is from 90 to 60% of the animal's coat. He coat is dense, rough and thick, reinforced with soft undercoat. In the neck, shoulders and withers the coat is particularly long, it forms a fluffy collar on his neck. Long hair, like fur pants, and growing on its hind legs.

The East Siberian Laika is a true all-rounder, it is possible to hunt and to use her as a sled dog. This is the largest species of huskies, height at the withers males can be up to 64 cm Color coat-Siberian huskies: black, white, gray, brown or red; rough and stiff to the touch. It is well-balanced and agile dog, with a real passion for hunting, sociable and non-aggressive.

The West Siberian Laika is a result of crossbreeding khantayskoe and Mansi rocks, distribution – Western Siberia and Northern Ural. Males of this breed reach the withers growth of 60 cm, the wool is white, grey-shaded and red-haired, gray-speckled color. A great friend and companion, a smart dog with well-developed orientation reaction.

The Yakutian Laika as a separate breed was cultivated by indigenous peoples of the North-East of Russia. This dog with a strong Constitution and well developed muscles, well adapted to exercise in extreme Northern conditions. The coat color is typically a two - or three-color: white-black, white and gray.
Choose the puppies in those litters where females give birth at most 2 times a year, this will guarantee that the puppy will be quite strong and healthy.

Karelo-Finnish Laika is also called a Finnish Spitz, this breed is the low height of males does not exceed 50 cm Excellent hunter, hunted on a fur animal, poultry, and even moose.
Buying a puppy with a pedigree, ask to see its vet passport and a puppy card.

The cost of a puppy husky

If you decide to buy a puppy husky and decided on the breed, please note the specifics of breeding huskies, often breeding work with them in the field is driven not only external qualities, but hunting. Therefore, a good dog, a hereditary hunter may be sold without any documents. To buy a puppy with or without them depends on why you need one, if for breeding, the documents will be absolutely necessary, but if for hunting and as a family pet, a perfect specimen of this breed can be purchased without unnecessary paperwork.

Russo-European Laika without documents, but with the commercial qualities of the parents, you will be able to purchase at the price from 2 to 10 thousand rubles, a puppy with a pedigree will cost 10-40 thousand rubles. The East Siberian Laika puppies without pedigree are from 4 to 5 thousand rubles, with a pedigree – from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. Price for puppies are other types of huskies also will be approximately 3-6 thousand rubles, if the dog's papers there, and 7-15 thousand you have to pay for a puppy with pedigree.

Advice 2: How to name the puppy likes

Laika is a very independent, energetic, cheerful and loving dog. The hunt is vicious and violent, but men of good and affectionate. It is necessary to consider its nature in the moment when deciding what to call the puppy huskies.
How to name the puppy likes
If you take a puppy obtained as a result of breeding, you should know a few rules. For example, what nickname is given to him after aktirovki (litter). For the entire litter is determined by the letter, which should be the beginning of a dog name. Also, if the puppy from the kennel, its name must be present in the nickname.
For example, you have the animal in the kennel "Green meadows", and the registration control were identified by the letter "A". Therefore, call a puppy husky as follows: Green meadows Green meadows alpha or Chieftain, etc.
If you take a dog from the nursery, first determine her gender. Often in such matters, mistakes will happen. And already accustomed to your name of your pet difficult to convince that his name is now different.
For peaceful and cheerful huskies are not suitable such formidable names like Demon or Monster. And even though she is a great hunter, yet very good. Therefore the name should be appropriate.
The name of the puppy should be beautiful, harmonious and at the same time simple and short.
Avoid to name the puppy likes the name of the person. In addition, the nickname should not resemble the names of your loved ones, as well as various commands.
Give your dog a name depending on its nature. If you take a puppy to grow into a true hunter, he will fit these nicknames: Grom, Chieftain, warrior, Passion, Desperado, Brave, etc. In the case when you need a funny furry friend, it is possible to name his Faithful Friend, Kudryavka, etc.
Nicknames often do not contain any information but must still be harmonious. For example, to name the puppy likes you such beautiful names as lime, Aya, Maya, Beating and the like.
Pick up a good nickname, you can use various dictionaries. For example, give your puppy the name of a character from Greek mythology or the hero of the adventure novel.
Useful advice
Called puppy huskies should be bright, short and catchy name. In this case it should be fairly rare. Such a nickname is easy to remember and very handy on a hunt.

Advice 3: How much is dwarf Spitz

In recent years more and more popular become small and even dwarf breed of dog. Their representatives, even as adults, are more like soft toys than the dogs. However, their cost is often much more than large dogs, because large part because of capricious fashion. Such species include the dwarf Spitz.
How much is dwarf Spitz

Features of the breed.

All representatives of this fine breed is distinguished by a lively and cheerful character, vitality and inquisitiveness, devotion to his master. But often dwarf Spitz jealous and their dedication to all members of the family may not be distributed, so families with children, this breed is not very suitable. Spitz is a great companion for a person living separately. Not very good with other Pets, as egocentric and loves that all the attention went to him.

Despite its dense and long coat of this dog care is not difficult. Her hair does not clump into mats, and you to support her luxurious look, periodically comb it with a special brush, however, during molting, it will need to do several times a day. This will help reduce the amount of hair that remains on the furniture and flooring. Bathing a Pomeranian or need a special baby shampoo, but no more than once per month.

Whether because Spitz is really very teachable, whether they are driven by the desire to always be the center of attention, but these dogs quickly learn all sorts of new tricks and repeat them without any compulsion, and even treats, remembering the enthusiastic reaction from others. Naturally, the process of close contact with the host during training for them fun and any team they learn in one or two classes.

I love walking and never asks "handle" like other small breeds. They especially like to watch training or performing various "tasks".

How many will have to pay for the Pomeranian

This breed is quite expensive, and it is due not only fashion, but also the fact that bitches mostly only give birth to 1-3 puppies. Of course, as with any other breed, the Pomeranian cost will depend on the exhibition of the regalia of the parents and from the qualities of the puppy. If this culling, this puppy will not be issued even puppy card, and buy you will be able inexpensive. In culling puppies come with malocclusion, neurochem fontanel, cryptorchidism, undelivered ear or both, deficiencies in color. Of course, on the nature of the dog, these defects will not affect.

In the case when the puppy is fully compliant with the breed standard, the price starts from 30 thousand rubles. The average cost of such dog – 50 thousand rubles. Pomeranian dwarf Spitz "bear" type are more expensive than German, with the "Fox" type. Bitch will cost more than male.

Advice 4: How to look like puppies huskies

Probably will not find the man, who was not cute this incredibly smart, powerful and beautiful dog. Their inquisitive, intelligent face and the tail wheel from warm to everyone. It is not surprising that a lot of people want to have a puppy likesto educate the faithful and reliable friend.
Puppies for every taste
To educate puppy huskies should be taken very seriously, because a small animal is helpless and defenseless creature that is able nothing and does not understand. The main task of the owner of the pet remains with education and proper care.

Features of the breed.

Coloring of the muzzle of the dog can be from the ideal black to reddish-brown on a creamy white background. On the head of an adult dog, there are markings that resemble a mask that gives his face provocatively cheerful expression. None of the dogs has such unusual color.

But the most amazing puppy huskies are bright blue eyes. Some dogs have dark brown eyes or amber color, and rare species there are even multi-colored eyes.

Powerful paws puppy huskies look like a Shoe because of the rigid and long hair growing between the toes. A specific structure of the legs helps to easily move through dense snow. The pointy ears likes high sticking on top and are next to each other, and a powerful tail very similar to a sickle.

Particular care

Little puppy likes snow will freeze, it is better to start in a house or apartment. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a permanent place equipped for sleeping and eating. The place must be chosen so that there was no draft and wasn't around heating appliances. The Mat on which sleeping pet, need weekly to be cleaned.

It is not necessary to teach your puppy likes going to sleep on the bed or sofa. Over time, this will become a habit, from which it will be impossible to wean. In addition, a playful pet may scratch all the furniture.

To accustom the puppy to an independent exit to the street you need to walk him as often as possible. Start doing it from the very first days of stay in the house. If the puppy wants to go to the toilet, he starts to whine and spin, looking for a place. Noticing this, an urgent need to bring it in the yard or in the sandbox. Gradually, you can easily ensure that the puppy huskies have been the one to ask on the street.

Special attention in the upbringing of the puppy huskies should be paid to diet. In order to grow strong, well-developed and intelligent dog, feed puppy huskies need nutrients and fresh food with the mandatory addition of vitamins and vegetables. Feeding time should be strictly defined and the puppy needs to eat his entire portion of food. The water in the dish should be changed morning and evening.
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