Don't forget that training the hunting dog is the stage of knowledge of the individual characteristics of your pet. The proper upbringing of the puppy is reached the normal formation of the nervous system, to develop a range of skills.
As soon as a little puppy appeared in your house immediately accustom him to portirovaniyu. To do this, use a rubber toy, but it is better to prepare in advance rag semblance of a bird's body with attached to it the wings of a duck. Such lessons are held several times in a day to complete testing.
Six puppies ready to its first exits in the forest. Try to accustom the dog to contact with you, she should be able to track your movement. Gradually, the husky will get used to monitor your movement on the trail and at the hearing.
Walk in the woods will allow the puppy to learn to overcome various obstacles. At the same time teach your dog to cope with water obstacles. For a start it may be small puddles or streams. Choosing a place to stay, try to sit on the shore of a lake or river. Young husky she goes to rummage in the bushes, paddling in the water, pulling from the bottom of the rotten roots, thus be yourself to get used to the water. Continue practicing parterowe from the water.
Special attention to practicing prohibiting command "no". On your command the dog must immediately stop any unwanted effect. At the same time teach your pet the command "come", "sit" and recall whistle. Get a higher whistle tone, then it will be better perceived by a hearing aid the huskies.
Before the opening of hunting on duck bring the dog in duck lands and introduce the smell of poultry. It can be wild ducks, and you can go on a special training station and show Laika decoy duck.