When you bring home a puppyjust separated from mother, from sisters and brothers, determine his place in the house, but not on the balcony and not on the veranda. Try in this period to facilitate his separation and natural way to replace lost family. After feeding themselves attribute it to a certain place, softly talking and stroking, wait until he falls asleep. Such "soft" will help to ensure that after a couple of days the puppy stops whimpering will be better there and cheer you up. In addition, this will help with the first to the last days of his life to set him with a close and trusting relationship is the basis of existence and understanding.
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Place sleeping and feeding place from the huskies should be strictly defined. Keep in mind that in the toilet the baby need immediately after eating and after sleep, then he eats. Therefore, accustom him to order at once, the time for outputting the administration of natural needs. Your tenacity and persistence, the dog will begin to understand what is required of her from a very early age. By two months old he should clearly know his place, feeding place, the command "to me" and correctly respond to whistle, a sound which replaces the team on the hunt.
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This command and posivitely on the whistle, continue to consolidate after three months, when you start to do the full walk with the puppy. At the same time start to teach him basic commands: close, sit, lie, voice, look, stand, not, take, give. To four months well trained puppies huskiesusually no problems and are happy to comply with the main course, especially that obedience is driven by a delicacy and tenderness that for dogs is also very important.
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Education huskies requires persistence and firmness, but should not be too hard. Pay attention to the tendencies and the peculiarities of the behavior of the dog and use them for the development of those skills that you find useful. Simultaneously suppress harmful tendencies until they become habits. Do not think that they will have to get rid of, when the puppy grows up. Foundations of education likes to be laid in the under one year of age.
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