Translated from the German "Spitz" means sharp, in fact the breed originally was distinguished by sharp nose and very sharp ears. Modern Spitz are different rounded ears and short nose.

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The Pomeranian is always a sign of wealth. This breed was made for nobility, kings and emperors, stately ladies. In painting we can often see portraits of beautiful ladies with miniature dogs on their hands.

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Hundreds of years passed, but the fashion for funny oranges and remained in demand. And although the breed over the years has evolved, many would not mind to have a Pomeranian as a pet.

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What price

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The Internet is full of great deals and affordable prices on fashionable breed of dog. But before you decide to buy Pomeranian, learn the real value and authority of the breeders. The thing is that the price of a certain breed of dog comes not just from the ceiling. There are certain price limits, which should adhere to. The average price of a puppy of a Pomeranian is from 30 thousand rubles and above. The issue price will depend on the size of the Spitz varieties and even the floor. Girls Spiez are more expensive because they are considered adjustable. If the boy you will give about 30-40 thousand rubles, for a girl you will have to pay at least 50-60 thousand.

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The high price is determined by the fact that puppies the Pomeranian is born small. Basically, the light appears a puppy. The maximum a Spitz can be born three puppies, but this is very rare. In the end, the cost of the puppy initially high.

Where to buy a puppy of a Spitz

If you decide to buy a puppy Pomeranian, it is best to contact a good nursery. To date, these nurseries are not very many, but they are guaranteed purebred and healthy puppy.

It is not necessary to fall into the trap of unscrupulous breeders who offer purebred dogs at prices from 10 to 20 thousand. Price is below $ 30 should immediately arouse suspicion. Either the puppies are not purebred, or divorced not in the best conditions. Always remember that if you decide on a cheap offer, then do not count on the result. He could disappoint.

Also puppy Pomeranian can be purchased during the exhibitions, which are held by breeders and specialized nurseries. Online you can find various websites of nurseries with different price level. You should examine the resource to see if contact details landline telephone numbers, addresses nursery, where you can come and pre-view the puppies and the conditions in which they divorce.