Advice 1: How to determine the purity of the breed of the puppy huskies

Huskies call a rather large group of dog breeds (many of which are hunting) belonging to the group of Spitz-like. Despite the fact that representatives of different species are very much different from each other, there are universal rules determine how purebred puppies.
How to determine the purity of the breed of the puppy huskies

Pedigree as a guarantee of purity breed puppy

First and foremost, before buying a puppy you need to know whether the club binding, that is, whether the dog over time, pedigree. This document is issued in accordance with the rules established in the Russian Kynological Federation, can serve as a guarantee of purity breed dogs. If clubs do not have the necessary license to issue pedigrees sample RKF, the owners of the dog in the future you may encounter some difficulties. For example, even if the puppy will fully correspond to the breed standard, and working qualities will be able to confirm the passage of the relevant tests, the dog will not be able to qualify for prizes at canine exhibitions and participation in pedigree breeding. However, this requirement does not apply to the likes of a number of native species, in particular, Yakut, which was recognized by RKF in 2005, but still did not take its place in the system of UF.

Sometimes for breeding are allowed to spend without documents. This is possible in dogs, some breeds in the presence of a number of factors, in particular, because of the exceptionally good exterior or superior working qualities. Most often it occurs in the above-mentioned Yakut Laika or Karelian-Finnish fellow among the livestock of these dogs, the owners of which, as a rule, are experienced hunters, are still cultivated so-called "unplanned" mating, when puppies are not issued any documents.

If the puppies have no papers...

If before purchasing a dog, it turns out that the documents of the puppies there, there are several ways to test the offspring to the purity of the breed. For example, to try to see the father and mother of puppies to evaluate how they meet the standard or other types of huskies. Inexperienced dog breeders could be encouraged to seek the assistance of professionals by inviting a dog or any breeder with you to select a puppy. It should be noted that the owner of the dog, whose puppies were born, the interested in choosing future owners for posterity, will not hide the female.

Experienced breeders (in the case of huskies, as a rule, the hunters and real enthusiasts of the breed), not only tells in detail about how to care for a puppy, but you can tell a lot about their own dog, in particular, its working qualities - in fact, the representatives of those breeds, in addition to compliance with the standard, and judged according to their level of "professionalism".

In addition to matching the breed standard, if future plans include visits to fairs and participation in breeding, it is important to check the puppy likes (as well as all other breeds) in the presence of so-called disqualifying defects. If a small dog is suffering, for example, cryptorchidism, and albinism or rickets (lack of is fraught with some teeth in adults and abnormal development of joints), or its color does not correspond to the formal parameters, the puppy is unlikely to make a show career or become a well-known manufacturer. Moreover, such dogs, even if you were born as a result of mating pedigree and titled Champions must be sold at a reduced price, and breeder, respecting his name, will tell you about all the nuances. Such dogs, in particular, are ideal for those who just want to have a good friend or helper on the hunt, not trying to visit with him dog training show.

Advice 2: How to name the puppy likes

Laika is a very independent, energetic, cheerful and loving dog. The hunt is vicious and violent, but men of good and affectionate. It is necessary to consider its nature in the moment when deciding what to call the puppy huskies.
How to name the puppy likes
If you take a puppy obtained as a result of breeding, you should know a few rules. For example, what nickname is given to him after aktirovki (litter). For the entire litter is determined by the letter, which should be the beginning of a dog name. Also, if the puppy from the kennel, its name must be present in the nickname.
For example, you have the animal in the kennel "Green meadows", and the registration control were identified by the letter "A". Therefore, call a puppy husky as follows: Green meadows Green meadows alpha or Chieftain, etc.
If you take a dog from the nursery, first determine her gender. Often in such matters, mistakes will happen. And already accustomed to your name of your pet difficult to convince that his name is now different.
For peaceful and cheerful huskies are not suitable such formidable names like Demon or Monster. And even though she is a great hunter, yet very good. Therefore the name should be appropriate.
The name of the puppy should be beautiful, harmonious and at the same time simple and short.
Avoid to name the puppy likes the name of the person. In addition, the nickname should not resemble the names of your loved ones, as well as various commands.
Give your dog a name depending on its nature. If you take a puppy to grow into a true hunter, he will fit these nicknames: Grom, Chieftain, warrior, Passion, Desperado, Brave, etc. In the case when you need a funny furry friend, it is possible to name his Faithful Friend, Kudryavka, etc.
Nicknames often do not contain any information but must still be harmonious. For example, to name the puppy likes you such beautiful names as lime, Aya, Maya, Beating and the like.
Pick up a good nickname, you can use various dictionaries. For example, give your puppy the name of a character from Greek mythology or the hero of the adventure novel.
Useful advice
Called puppy huskies should be bright, short and catchy name. In this case it should be fairly rare. Such a nickname is easy to remember and very handy on a hunt.

Advice 3: How to find out the breed of the puppy

The need to know the breed of the puppy is more likely to occur if you picked up the animal on the street or you offer to take a puppy of a particular breed, but you are sure that you will be able to reliably determine whether before you breed, not a mongrel.
How to find out the breed of the puppy
If you plan to buy a dog of a certain breed, then you need to study the literature and specialized sites on the Internet to understand how to look like a puppy.
If you are unsure of your abilities, seek help from a professional breeder of the desired breed or kennel club. There are breeds (e.g. German shepherd), who at an early age is very difficult to distinguish from the usual stray dogs. These are unscrupulous sellers of animals. Not to get on their bait, you need to look at the puppy with a specialist who is knowledgeable in this matter.
In the case when the puppy got to your home accidentally, you can do the following: first, take newfound pet to the veterinary clinic so the doctors examined it for the presence of disease. It is possible that the doctor will tell you that "miracle" you brought off the street.
Another option is to include the puppy in the kennel club. There will also help to determine the breed of the dog.
You can try to look for information independently. On the Internet there are many sites with photos of almost all known breeds.
Often found a puppy can be a mestizo, that is, it has blood and pedigree dogs and mongrels. In this case, the experts are trying to determine what kind of "noble" blood flows in the veins of your pet.
Even if you bought or found the puppy was not a dwarf Spitz, and the usual "gorteria", do not worry, because the dog's love and devotion to his master does not depend on the natural belonging.
Useful advice
Purebred puppies are very often lost or be on the street at the fault of negligent owners, so you have all the chances to find a purebred dog even on the street.

Advice 4: How to raise a puppy husky

Husky is a breed of dog with the freedom-loving character, which, like the conquest of territories and hunting. The husky comes with a potential desire to lead. But, like all leaders, these dogs need a vector that must be specified by the owner.
How to raise a puppy husky
Don't get a husky just because of the outer beauty of a dog or fashion on them. If you are a hunter, and a homebody, it is appropriate to think about a four-legged friend of a different breed more suitable to your lifestyle. Experts do not recommend having a husky in an apartment. The best environment for this dog – house with a large plot. Huskies are by nature active, demand attention; by the way, they have a lot of bark, so that housing conditions can cause discomfort and the dog and owner.
Do not take puppy from mother in the first six months of his life. Once it gets to your house, put him on a warm Mat, it is desirable to have a maternal smell. If you took the puppy in the fall or winter, let the first week of life in a new place he will spend in the booth on the street and in the house, so he didn't get sick. Puppies huskies susceptible to disease, so from an early age need to vaccinate. About the appropriate time for a particular immunizations check with your veterinarian or breeder.
As they grow, decreasing the feeding frequency of your puppy 5 times a day at two months of age to 2 times per day in the year. Once the puppy stops drinking mother's milk, prikarmlivat his boiled beef and fish. Do not let your puppy nibble bird bones, but raw beef will bring him teeth favor. Do not feed him raw pork, taking care to feed dairy products. The diet should be balanced depending on the activity of the pet, so the question of power discuss with your vet or an experienced lication. Always keep puppy bowl clean, and discard uneaten food.
Since 2-3 months, teach your puppy to simple commands. They are necessary to ensure that the dog grew more or less disciplined. Experienced breeders recommend from 3-4 months to take the puppy with him into the woods. Encourage every attempt to hunt, even at home give him the opportunity to show off the trophy was found. For this future hunter buy as many toys. This will protect your furniture and books from paws and teeth of a pet, and at the same time and will occupy the dog while you are out. Daily pay hours games and few minutes of training.

Advice 5: How to care for a puppy Pomeranian

Spitz is a charming dog that can be a great companion. However, these animals require attentive care, good nutrition and proper education. Taking home a purebred puppy, give it enough time - very soon, your pet will become smart, healthy and well-mannered adult dog.
How to care for a puppy Pomeranian

Food and care

Most importantly, the right nutrition. When buying a puppy ask the breeder diet of the baby. The first few days stick to the usual Spitz mode, then you can gradually change his diet. The puppy can be fed cooked or commercial food. If you stopped on the last option, choose to trade food for puppies, and after 6 months transfer of pet food for juniors. Keep the puppy clean water.

Look for a place to stay pet. Spitz needs to be cozy, protected from the cold and drafty home. It is not necessary to place it near the battery, and also on the aisle. You can buy a comfortable mattress or even a special house - like many tiny dogs, Pomeranians love protected shelter.

Do not allow the dog to get on beds and chairs. A small puppy may fail to jump off them and damage the joints. For the same reason the kid can't drive stairs until he turns six months. To carry the animal for a walk will have on hand. Don't forget that until you have made all the necessary vaccinations, the puppy to go out is impossible.

Different Spitz fluffy, very thick hair. To include it in the order will help the brush and comb with long rare teeth. Since childhood, accustom the puppy to the daily brushing process. Better to do it after eating and walking, when the pet is relaxed and set up friendly.

Raising a puppy

Miniature size Spitz solve one of the most important for the owner of problems going to the toilet. If you do not want in any weather to display the dog on the street, teach him to pan. Purchase a large tray with a mesh and a low side. Need for dog toilet with a column. To accustom will need disposable diapers and a few free days. Spitz are very intelligent and the puppy will soon understand what you want from him. The design needs to be washed after each use and once a week it needs to be treated with special disinfectant solution.

The puppy was active and cheerful, often play with him. Purchase a leash roulette for free-range. Spitz does not need long walks, but loves to run on grass or sand. Buy pet toys for self-entertainment. Better if they are made of latex or natural lived - plastic parts the dog can chew and get hurt.

Don't wait from Spiez perfect obedience - he has a rather independent nature. However, the dog must know its name and some basic commands. While the puppy will learn his nickname, keep it with a leash - pet can easily get lost.

Advice 6: How to choose a good puppy Spitz

Pomeranian charming dog with a fluffy coat and independent character. This miniature dog is perfect for the urban population and will become a real decoration of the house. Not to be mistaken with a choice of pet carefully study his pedigree and look to the puppy.
How to choose a good puppy Spitz

What kind of puppy you need

Before you purchase a puppy, decide what kind of pet you are interested in. The most expensive option — the puppies show-class. This is the best kids in the litter, not only have a great pedigree, but having signs of future Champions. Puppies breed-class can participate in exhibitions, but is unlikely to occupy the prize places. However, females can be admitted to breeding and able to produce very high quality offspring.

The most affordable option — animal pet-class. This is the future Pets, and they may not outwardly differ from more-looking animal, at least, to the untrained eye. If you are planning to have a purebred dog "for the soul," choose just the right puppy. Buying it, guided only by your taste and emotions. Selecting future Champions better to invite a specialist who is knowledgeable in the breed.

Decide who you're going to get male or female. Males look more impressive, their hair is more lush and thick. However, males Spitz has a rather independent nature, tend to dominate and not too sweet. Females are more affectionate, they are suitable for families where there are children or other Pets. In addition, they are not prone to running away and the showdown with the other dogs.

Selection criteria

Buy a puppy only from reliable breeders — so you can be sure that is a purebred Pomeranian will not get a hybrid. Inspect the mother of the puppies, check out the pedigree. Of course, your pet will not necessarily be a copy of their parents, much depends on further education, diet and other niceties. If you plan to take the bitch for breeding, ask the breeder how does the mother of the puppies as she is caring, is it easy to manilas.

Rate the appearance of the puppy. For those who plan on breeding dogs, you should choose the largest females — it will be easier to sanitise. Dog is better to choose small — these dogs are often occupied prize-winning places.

Purebred Pomeranian can have 5 options of color. To understand what shade will be the body of the animal in adulthood, pavaresia fluff behind the ears and on the back of the puppy and rate the color of the base of the hairs. The coat should be thick, shiny, with dense undercoat. Bald spots, dandruff, dull colour and hard, protruding erect guard hairs are unacceptable.

Inspect the physique of the puppy. Spitz must be strong in proportion, the legs are of moderate length. The tail is set high, the ears are small, pointed, well worth. Dangling ears indicate the defect in the breed or calcium deficiencies. Make sure the puppy has no discharge from the eyes and ears. Check out the bite — it has to be scissor.

Important and behavior of your future pet. Good Spitz is agile, active, merry, but not aggressive. Dogs attending the fair, must have a particularly steady disposition. Keep in mind that to educate Spitz is not easy, so choose socializeing configured to contact pet.

Advice 7: How to look like puppies huskies

Probably will not find the man, who was not cute this incredibly smart, powerful and beautiful dog. Their inquisitive, intelligent face and the tail wheel from warm to everyone. It is not surprising that a lot of people want to have a puppy likesto educate the faithful and reliable friend.
Puppies for every taste
To educate puppy huskies should be taken very seriously, because a small animal is helpless and defenseless creature that is able nothing and does not understand. The main task of the owner of the pet remains with education and proper care.

Features of the breed.

Coloring of the muzzle of the dog can be from the ideal black to reddish-brown on a creamy white background. On the head of an adult dog, there are markings that resemble a mask that gives his face provocatively cheerful expression. None of the dogs has such unusual color.

But the most amazing puppy huskies are bright blue eyes. Some dogs have dark brown eyes or amber color, and rare species there are even multi-colored eyes.

Powerful paws puppy huskies look like a Shoe because of the rigid and long hair growing between the toes. A specific structure of the legs helps to easily move through dense snow. The pointy ears likes high sticking on top and are next to each other, and a powerful tail very similar to a sickle.

Particular care

Little puppy likes snow will freeze, it is better to start in a house or apartment. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a permanent place equipped for sleeping and eating. The place must be chosen so that there was no draft and wasn't around heating appliances. The Mat on which sleeping pet, need weekly to be cleaned.

It is not necessary to teach your puppy likes going to sleep on the bed or sofa. Over time, this will become a habit, from which it will be impossible to wean. In addition, a playful pet may scratch all the furniture.

To accustom the puppy to an independent exit to the street you need to walk him as often as possible. Start doing it from the very first days of stay in the house. If the puppy wants to go to the toilet, he starts to whine and spin, looking for a place. Noticing this, an urgent need to bring it in the yard or in the sandbox. Gradually, you can easily ensure that the puppy huskies have been the one to ask on the street.

Special attention in the upbringing of the puppy huskies should be paid to diet. In order to grow strong, well-developed and intelligent dog, feed puppy huskies need nutrients and fresh food with the mandatory addition of vitamins and vegetables. Feeding time should be strictly defined and the puppy needs to eat his entire portion of food. The water in the dish should be changed morning and evening.
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