Pedigree as a guarantee of purity breed puppy

как определить порду собаки?

First and foremost, before buying a puppy you need to know whether the club binding, that is, whether the dog over time, pedigree. This document is issued in accordance with the rules established in the Russian Kynological Federation, can serve as a guarantee of purity breed dogs. If clubs do not have the necessary license to issue pedigrees sample RKF, the owners of the dog in the future you may encounter some difficulties. For example, even if the puppy will fully correspond to the breed standard, and working qualities will be able to confirm the passage of the relevant tests, the dog will not be able to qualify for prizes at canine exhibitions and participation in pedigree breeding. However, this requirement does not apply to the likes of a number of native species, in particular, Yakut, which was recognized by RKF in 2005, but still did not take its place in the system of UF.

порода собак самая добрая

Sometimes for breeding are allowed to spend without documents. This is possible in dogs, some breeds in the presence of a number of factors, in particular, because of the exceptionally good exterior or superior working qualities. Most often it occurs in the above-mentioned Yakut Laika or Karelian-Finnish fellow among the livestock of these dogs, the owners of which, as a rule, are experienced hunters, are still cultivated so-called "unplanned" mating, when puppies are not issued any documents.

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If the puppies have no papers...

воспитание и обучение лайки

If before purchasing a dog, it turns out that the documents of the puppies there, there are several ways to test the offspring to the purity of the breed. For example, to try to see the father and mother of puppies to evaluate how they meet the standard or other types of huskies. Inexperienced dog breeders could be encouraged to seek the assistance of professionals by inviting a dog or any breeder with you to select a puppy. It should be noted that the owner of the dog, whose puppies were born, the interested in choosing future owners for posterity, will not hide the female.

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Experienced breeders (in the case of huskies, as a rule, the hunters and real enthusiasts of the breed), not only tells in detail about how to care for a puppy, but you can tell a lot about their own dog, in particular, its working qualities - in fact, the representatives of those breeds, in addition to compliance with the standard, and judged according to their level of "professionalism".

In addition to matching the breed standard, if future plans include visits to fairs and participation in breeding, it is important to check the puppy likes (as well as all other breeds) in the presence of so-called disqualifying defects. If a small dog is suffering, for example, cryptorchidism, and albinism or rickets (lack of is fraught with some teeth in adults and abnormal development of joints), or its color does not correspond to the formal parameters, the puppy is unlikely to make a show career or become a well-known manufacturer. Moreover, such dogs, even if you were born as a result of mating pedigree and titled Champions must be sold at a reduced price, and breeder, respecting his name, will tell you about all the nuances. Such dogs, in particular, are ideal for those who just want to have a good friend or helper on the hunt, not trying to visit with him dog training show.