Even if you plan to keep the dog in the yard, for the first time, while she fulfilled 4-5 months, keep it in the apartment. Determine the puppy a quiet place away from heaters and drafts. Don't let him sleep on your bed or on chairs. You cannot keep the puppy on a leash or alone, in a dark, enclosed space. Not pereselyayte it out until last winter.
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From an early age, teach your puppy to ask to the yard: take him outside or put in a special box with sand at the first sign that he needs to cleanse the bowel. Usually starts podkalivat and whirl, looking for the right place.
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From Laika, select a nickname and begin to teach her. It is not necessary to invent fanciful names stay for a short dissyllabic, but sonorous and beautiful. Traditionally nicknames likes pick up on the name of hunting animals, rivers, lakes, the nature of the dog and its color.
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Properly feed your dog, fulfilling all the necessary requirements. Don't leave her half-eaten bowl after another feeding food, always fresh water. The puppy should get everything necessary for the proper development and formation of the skeleton nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Do not feed your dog what you eat yourself – smoked, spicy, salty and sweet. To suppress all attempts to beg a morsel from those who sit at the table. Monitor her height and weight, conduct deworming.
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Laika needs a lot of time on the street. Already six weeks of age, take the puppy for walks, the duration of which then increase to 2-3 hours daily. Play with it outdoor games, model while the necessary commands. After three months, transfer a walk in the woods. At first the puppy will stand beside you, then begin to run off, exploring the area. Do not beckon it to yourself too often, get used to the fact that he always remembered you and knew how to quickly find. Hide from it, learn to seek you out on the trail.
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On warm summer days start to teach your puppy likes to water – bring your walking and playing on the shore. Go into the water themselves and beckon to his dog. Forced into the water to drag the dog in any case impossible. If she's afraid of water, use a favorite toy, that first drop near the water, and then further into the water.
Teach from an early age to wear the puppy ponosku is the ability of the huskies in the blood, it should only record command. From the age of three begin the gradual development of all necessary domestic and hunting commands: "take", "lie", "sit", "look", "no", "voice". The first team that he needs to learn – "place" and "me." Always say them clearly.
Raising a husky, never yell at her and, moreover, do not punish severely. The beatings will break the dog's character, she will lose trust and start to fear not only you but everyone around you. Especially sensitive and vulnerable of the Karelo-Finnish Laika. Without punishment, unfortunately, will not do. In this case, it is sufficient to take the dog over the withers and slightly shake it, as do bitches with puppies or leaders in flocks. The punishment should follow immediately after the offense, after 5 minutes the dog will not understand why. Be love, perseverance and patience to raise a dog Laika.