The bitch owner must teach the puppy to self-feeding. Please note at this point, otherwise a puppy will require a lot of trouble that inexperienced lover can create significant difficulties.
Find out what food they fed the puppy and the first time continue to feed him the same food. The sharp transition to unusual for stomach puppy food may affect his health.
Once the puppy ceases to mother's milk, continue to feed him boiled cow's milk, warming it to a temperature of the pair approximately 20oC. Do not dilute it because it is less fat than in dogs. To bring it to the desired condition, add a little cream and sugar.
Feed your puppy a liquid porridge of crushed oats, semolina. Slowly bring the porridge to a thick sour cream. Cook it in milk or add the milk when feeding. One and a half month puppy can already be fed with oatmeal, cooked in meat broth. Periodically give him oatmeal, brewed with boiling milk.
Add in the dog food bone meal on the tip of a knife, finely comminuted egg shells, fish oil, kids vitamins. With 2 months you can start giving boiled and then raw meat and fish.
Teach two months puppy raw vegetables – give him porridge with grated carrots, apples, and other vegetables, pieces of fruit. As such, the vegetables in his stomach will be digested better.
Do not overfeed puppies rough food which is poorly digested. Under the weight of a stuffed stomach can occur the deformation of the bones of the skeleton to SAG back, bent legs. Feed him six times a day, but food should be varied, not obamistas and quickly digested by the stomach.