To educate puppy huskies should be taken very seriously, because a small animal is helpless and defenseless creature that is able nothing and does not understand. The main task of the owner of the pet remains with education and proper care.

Features of the breed.

Coloring of the muzzle of the dog can be from the ideal black to reddish-brown on a creamy white background. On the head of an adult dog, there are markings that resemble a mask that gives his face provocatively cheerful expression. None of the dogs has such unusual color.

But the most amazing puppy huskies are bright blue eyes. Some dogs have dark brown eyes or amber color, and rare species there are even multi-colored eyes.

Powerful paws puppy huskies look like a Shoe because of the rigid and long hair growing between the toes. A specific structure of the legs helps to easily move through dense snow. The pointy ears likes high sticking on top and are next to each other, and a powerful tail very similar to a sickle.

Particular care

Little puppy likes snow will freeze, it is better to start in a house or apartment. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a permanent place equipped for sleeping and eating. The place must be chosen so that there was no draft and wasn't around heating appliances. The Mat on which sleeping pet, need weekly to be cleaned.

It is not necessary to teach your puppy likes going to sleep on the bed or sofa. Over time, this will become a habit, from which it will be impossible to wean. In addition, a playful pet may scratch all the furniture.

To accustom the puppy to an independent exit to the street you need to walk him as often as possible. Start doing it from the very first days of stay in the house. If the puppy wants to go to the toilet, he starts to whine and spin, looking for a place. Noticing this, an urgent need to bring it in the yard or in the sandbox. Gradually, you can easily ensure that the puppy huskies have been the one to ask on the street.

Special attention in the upbringing of the puppy huskies should be paid to diet. In order to grow strong, well-developed and intelligent dog, feed puppy huskies need nutrients and fresh food with the mandatory addition of vitamins and vegetables. Feeding time should be strictly defined and the puppy needs to eat his entire portion of food. The water in the dish should be changed morning and evening.