What determines the cost of Chihuahua puppies

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Price of puppies depends on many factors and can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. In addition to the regalia of parents who are breeding and prospects of their offspring, equally important, for example, has the location of the nursery. So, the most expensive puppies, other things being equal qualities, in Moscow, in the regions can buy a purebred puppy from elite manufacturers almost two times cheaper, however, this is due to objective reasons.

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The cost of the puppy is also affected by its exterior, i.e. litter quality, as well as the floor. So the most expensive puppies of show quality are sold from 1500 up to$ 3000 girls and 1000 to 2000$ boys. Puppy breed-class can be purchased for 800-1200$, pet class – for 250-800$, and those who for some reason got into the culling, will cost from 250 to 700$.

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In that case, when you will offer the dog, the cost of which will be much lower, keep in mind that the high price of a puppy is not due to the desire of breeders to get rich on your money, in the best case, they only pay the expenses for the breeding of these dogs.

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Why Chihuahua puppies are so expensive

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For the breeder the cost of a puppy, fully meet the standards of the breed and one who has been culling the same. Puppy without pedigree will still receive the proper care and all necessary vaccinations. Ie to expect that it will cost a penny, it is impossible, it is the breeder spends as much effort and care as the rest of the puppies in the litter.

You should consider what is included in the cost of these puppies to understand that cheap so the dog can not be. Don't forget that bitch pedigree, mother of puppies is quite a lot of money spent on its proper feeding and training, as well as to participate in exhibitions, They are, especially when held in other cities and even countries, is also quite costly. When the bitch is prepared for binding, it is supposed to be in good shape, have no health problems, by the way, the same applies to males, for whom the owner pays bitches.

Now consider the cost of maintenance and care of the pregnant females, vet services during childbirth, care and maintenance of the entire family for the next two months. Puppies are already three weeks fed not only milk, but also foods that are high-quality products: veal, the freshest dairy products, special high-quality food for puppies vitamins. Turn in the cost and price of the mandatory deworming, branding a litter of paperwork. Now you understand that the high cost of a puppy is justified, but note that it is worthy of the contents you have to spend a lot of money, so evaluate your real financial possibilities.