What determines the cost of husky puppies

как выбрать щенка хаски

To buy the Siberian husky, it is not necessary to go to Ulan-Ude - specialized nurseries today is in Moscow, and in St.-Petersburg and other cities of Russia. The approximate cost of the puppies they saved almost on the same level and depends on a combination of several factors:

- exterior
- pedigree
- the number of puppies in a litter,
level of parents (their show career and work skills, as well as the quality of puppies from previous litters),
- the reputation of the kennel or back-yard breeder,
- assistance to the breeder in the care and education of the pet (called patronage).

As a result, a puppy with the pedigree of the Russian cynological Federation (RKF), from parents who have not reached special heights in the ring, but it is appropriate standard, will have to pay from 20 to 40 thousand rubles. The amount will vary due to the above factors. For example, if a selection from two fairly average (in exhibition terms) dogs unexpectedly born very promising puppy, its value can increase dramatically.
If the puppy has any defects (cryptorchidism, wrong color nose or eyes), its price will be reduced, despite the number of international Champions among his ancestors.

But we must not forget that at the age of 2-3 months is difficult to predict what the dog will be in 1-2 years. Some conclusions can be made in advance, but it has also happened that the much-vaunted puppy, unfortunately, did not meet expectations.

How much is the dog show class

The price of a puppy from eminent parents, who won prestigious titles in Russian, and even more so for international exhibitions, can increase several times. Also increase the value if the dog born in the kennel, which had already managed to raise Champions, that is, the breeders successfully selected parental pairs, taking into account both pedigree and data of the exterior and working qualities husky.

People who want to have a show dog which it will be possible to go to dog shows in the hope to win a prize, you will have to pay more - the price of a puppy can grow up to 100 thousand rubles. Often, this amount includes the so-called right of first choice when future owners have the opportunity to choose the most promising puppy from a litter. According to experts, the Siberian husky at a cost of almost do not affect eye color or coat color (except for the disqualifying defects, when the dog can not participate in exhibitions and breeding and breeding).
It is necessary to remember that the puppy may eventually change, plays an important role and care for him. For any money no one can guarantee that it would be a world champion.

Acquiring an adult dog, you have to be confident in its exterior, especially if she successfully participated in the dog show. However, in this case, you will have to pay the amount from 100 to 300 thousand rubles, depending on the pedigree and prospects of the animal. The same can be puppies from the country's most valuable lines or from imported parents.

It should be noted that recently quite spread the myth that the Siberian husky is a direct descendant of the wolf. This legend has nothing to do with reality, trying to support unscrupulous breeders to unreasonably inflate the price of their puppies.
Как выбрать щенка хаски при покупке