Old, but not lost the working capacity of the phone, try to sell. This can be done through the Internet. Place an ad to sell on the forum or a specialized website. The chance to sell your old phone will increase if you have previously taken care of his appearance, replacing at least a removable panel. Of course, the model of the phone and the price you ask for it, also affect the possibility of selling the phone. Will always be willing who want to buy second hand phone in good condition and at a reasonable price.
Bring the phone to a store specializing in the reception and the exchange of phones in use. There are organizations shares on reception of the old machinery, exchanging them for new ones with little surcharge. Often appliance stores offer to exchange older phones for a new one. However, be aware that the quality of new vehicles is highly questionable.
Give a used phone in the item on the admission of recyclables, if it is in poor condition or are so old that you sell (exchange) it there is no way. There will take care of the disposal of unfit for use, no harm to people and the environment. As you know, the contents of the cell phone carries a great danger: they contain such toxic substances as lithium hydride and Nickel. The printed circuit Board and chip of the phone is also not harmless because of the content of lead and arsenic. You would be unwise to throw your old phone in the trash.
Give your boring phone to a person who needs it. Some charities can arrange the fees of used phones to benefit the poor. Give me a mobile phone so people take a good thing. The problem of old junk machine will be solved.