Advice 1: Where to donate used TV

Appliances eventually become obsolete, giving place to more modern and advanced models. In this regard, when buying a new TVand there is a need somewhere to pass his predecessor. You can consider several options for solving this issue.
Where to donate used TV
The most common and best way to get rid of the TV used is to put it at a pawn shop. This organization is engaged in buying old technology, presenting a great opportunity not only to get rid of unnecessary TV, but also to get good cash for essential needs. This is especially true if the TV is in good condition.
In order to deliver old equipment to the pawnshop, it is sufficient to have the documents and passport. First, professional experts of the pawnshop will evaluate the technical and external condition of the TV, and then call him the redemption price, which also depends on the model of the equipment. If the price is fully satisfied, experts will offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale. Then followed by immediate issuance of funds.
Junk TV, you can donate to the Fund of charity and health, which helps those who really need it. There are many low-income families, single pensioners and disabled people, who simply do not have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment. Thus you can get rid of the boring old TV and help the needy, socially vulnerable categories of people.
Quite unusable equipment sent for recycling by contacting the appropriate company. There are also firms that televisions that were in use, for parts. If you wish, you can even negotiate with the employees of these organizations on the removal of unnecessary equipment.
Finally, if there is no time to mess around with broken or simply outdated TV, you can put it on the site, located near the containers in the yard of a house. Then it will take utilities.

Advice 2: Where to recycle a broken TV

Breaking the TV is not the biggest problem today, because there are many places where you can donate a broken TV. It all depends on how heavy it breaking.
Where to recycle a broken TV
Case 1. The TV broke during the warranty period.
This is the simplest case. The TV is under warranty for a period of not less than one year. Then it can be taken to the warranty service center, which stipulated the terms of purchase of the TV. If the TV is large, one may require diagnosis on the spot where he stands, but not always. The master just can not be a tool. So often we have to take a broken TV on its own. Diagnosis can take some time, after it the decision will be made whether to repair or not. In the first case it will be free, the second will have to part with a certain amount of money. Repairs can last from two weeks to 45 days. After his warranty is extended.
Case 2. The failure of TV occurred after the expiration of the warranty period.
In this case, the owner of the TV the choice is greatly expanded. He can take the TV to a service center assigned to the brand of TV, and private repair shop. The cost of repair can vary greatly for the same work in different places. It depends on the skills of the master of repair, availability of spare parts, demand for services workshop, etc.
Case 3. The TV is not repairable.
The determination of whether to repair the TV or not, it is best to do warranty service center, in which he served. After the issuance of this opinion, if the TV was under warranty, owner must either return the money or replace the broken TV for the same. If you have a broken TV pass the warranty period and it can not be repaired, his path to the collection point for electronics recycling, or the owner of the TV may turn to third-party workshops on repair of household appliances. Sometimes they are able to repair the equipment, where the service center was denied repair.
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