Option 1. A broken phone is under warranty.
If he is still broke, but is the warranty period of use, it must pass according to the terms of purchase at the warranty service center. To check whether the phone is under warranty, you can view the payment documents for the goods. There are listed the addresses and telephone numbers by which you can give your phone for repair. Typically, the repair does not take more than two weeks, however, there are times when the service may extend this deadline up to 45 days in connection with missing parts or needed to repair equipment. Free repair is performed when failure due to technical marriage phone. Otherwise, the service center's right to demand money for repairs. Sometimes equipment cannot be repaired. This means that according to the law on protection of consumer rights, the seller must return either the same product or return the money in full for the purchased phone is of poor quality. All this is possible only in case if the phone cannot be repaired because of factory defects.
Option 2. The broken phone has passed the warranty period.
In this case, the phone can be delivered for repair. Depending on the brand of your phone repair needs to be made in the service center that has been certified by the manufacturer. 'These workshops can be found on the official websites of a particular brand of phone. Of course, to take the phone for repair and can in simple a workshop on the street, but then there is no guarantee that the repair will be carried out on time and of good quality. In the best case, the repair will be done 2 weeks. The worst is when the phone is not repairable.
Option 3. The phone is not repairable.
In this case, the owner of a broken phone can sell it for parts. It is enough to visit a repair shop, not tied to some service centres or manufacturers and deliver it to masters to buy a for parts phone. The price depends on phone model and greed of those whom it is sold.