Advice 1: Where to donate old equipment

End-of-life TVs, computers, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators sooner or later be a problem. Points of reception of old equipment are rarely found, and throw a broken or just unwanted appliances in the regular garbage containers it is impossible. And in the case of large machines, when you need to get rid of the old fridge or washing machine, it is even harder.
Where to donate old equipment

How to disposed appliances?

In large cities the old equipment can be considered in special points of reception appliances. There you can take broken appliances and virtually any unnecessary equipment, which was subsequently treated and recycled or is recycled.

As the network of such organizations is very poorly developed, to find them nearby, in most cases, few succeed. In addition, such point of reception of old equipment will not accept all electronic devices: they must be whole and complete (not disassembled and contains all the core components) and not have serious damage.

In addition, delivery of unnecessary equipment in such items will still have to exercise yourself or for an additional fee. Fortunately, there are other ways of getting rid of old appliances.

Where else can you take the old equipment?

Small appliances (microwave or electric kettle) can be taken in a thrift store that is receiving household appliances. These include various pawn shops and discount stores equipment and repair shops. But we must remember that in a thrift store, you can take the equipment that are in more-less decent condition. If the device is badly damaged and is beyond repair, it simply will not accept.

If you plan on buying a new appliance, the old one can be taken in many appliance stores. With this you get a discount when buying new equipment. Another nice thing is that the removal of bulky electrical appliances is carried out by the employees of the store for free. Typically, these proposals are only of a large chain of appliance stores.

And what about those who don't need new appliances, and all just looking for a way to take out bulky equipment? In this case it is necessary to remember about boards of private ads. Services such as free removal of old and broken appliances are now quite common, so you'll find these ads and solve the problem of removal of unwanted fridge or a washing machine. By the way, many owners can not only take out the outdated equipment is completely free of charge, but sometimes are buying it, albeit at a small price.

Advice 2: Where to recycle old TVs

Legislation of the Russian Federation, do not dispose of obsolete TVs and other appliances to the dump. Although the majority of our citizens still leave on dumping their old TVs, not caring about the consequences. Where to take old TVs?
Where to recycle old TVs
Despite the fact that the removal of appliances in a landfill permitted by law, this method is still the only one for a majority of people in Russia. But people don't think about the fact that the technique does not decompose, rot, or that they cause environmental harm. But there are other options where to take your old iron, a TV or anything like that, and the options more successful and even profitable.
If you bought a new TV to replace the old who has not yet served its purpose, can take him to the country, if you have any, of course. There is your old TV will serve many more years. If no garden, often it is enough just to send out a call for friends and acquaintances. Surely someone there who will take your TV for a gift, freeing you from having to puzzle over where to take it.
Give your TV for recycling. There are special areas for bulky wastes, which is passed to the company processing it. There are also firms on various equipment spare parts. Is this method a significant disadvantage – such firms and platforms for garbage not in each city will meet, not to mention the villages and towns.
You can give your TV that you no longer need, since you bought a replacement in good hands. The easiest way to place an ad in the newspaper or on the Internet under "Sell" or "Give" or look for the announcement of the purchase of the old TV. Thus, you can get for your TV a little money, but buyers sometimes have to look for long.
Another option is to take your television in the framework of the action, which from time to time are held by home appliance stores. If the new TV you have not bought, but plan to, return to the store within the stock your old TV and you can get a discount on your next purchase. These activities are carried out in large retail chains, such as "M-Video" and "Eldorado".

Advice 3: Where to donate appliances

Long gone are the days when the old, broken appliances are stockpiled just in case. It was everywhere: on the balcony, in the garage, shed or cottage. And for some reason no one in the head did not come that it can still be useful to someone. Today, people change equipment almost every day and while old they don't hold and try as quickly as possible to get rid of it. There are several places where you can drop unneeded appliances.

Where to donate appliances
Do not dispose of old appliances for a total dump. According to experts, even an old kinescope is able to bring great harm to the environment. If you bury it in the ground, it will be a source of heavy metals. This also applies to computer monitors, but rather, it is the plastic base that even fire cannot destroy, what can we say about nature.
For disposal of old appliances there are several places receiving it for secondary circulation or processing. For example, recycled you can take the old fridge, washing machine and cooker, gas and electric, as they are a source of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The processing can include plastic, glass or rubber items, TV, microwave, VCR.
To donate old equipment to a repair shop. But remember that the TV produced in the days of the Soviet Union, is unlikely to be adopted, but modern technology will take you with great pleasure. Of course, get paid for it the fabulous sum is impossible, but it's much better than just to throw it in the trash.
Today, in most large stores specializing in the sale of new home equipment, very often held shares, allowing you to swap old equipment for new. The result is surrendering them, an old TV, you can get a discount on the purchase of a new. In these stores, in addition to TVs, you can exchange the cartridges, the old manual meat grinder, microwave ovens, blenders and more. It is not necessary to engage in the overall delivery of the cargo by yourself, you can use the services of movers kindly provided by the store. Often, this service is completely free.
As an option, an old but still working equipment you can give to people in need. Remember that donating old equipment, you not only loose your house or apartment from unnecessary waste, but also care about the safety of the environment.
For the abandonment of the old marker technology in the wrong place by the Russian law provides for fines.
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