Obsolete your age, but even surviving a phone, you can try to sell in the market or over the Internet. This requires you to place an ad on a specialized website or forum that deals with the buying and selling of goods, were in use. However before doing this it is advisable to care about the appearance of a used tube, replacing the removable panel or the whole body entirely. Thus, the chance to sell updated phone increases markedly. Of course, a lot depends on your model and asking price. After all, pretty much wanting to buy though old, but the cost-effective phone and in good condition.
It is a reasonable option is to return the phone, the former used in special point of reception and exchange of such devices. There are organizations that conduct mass actions, accepting old vehicles in exchange for a new one with a small surcharge. Also appliance stores often arrange free distribution of modern phones in exchange for older models. However the quality of these phones is poor.
If your cellular phone is not in very good condition or so old that is not subject to sale and exchange, in this case, you can sell it to the recycling centre. There it properly disposed of without harm to the environment. It is known that the greatest risk of containing the contents of the cell phone due to the presence in them of toxic substances, such as Nickel hydride and lithium. But the chip and the printed circuit Board of the mobile device also have carcinogenic properties in connection with the content of arsenic and lead. Therefore to throw out cell phone in the normal trash unreasonable.
Finally, fed up, you can just give to someone who needs it. There are various charities that collect old vehicles in favor of the poor. Giving a mobile device so people can solve the problem of unnecessary phone and do the right thing.