Option 1. The phone is in working condition.
If the phone is working, then you can pass it, and profitably. In used mobile devices interested dealers, repair shops. You can also donate the phone directly to where it was purchased. This is possible only when it is under warranty. In this case, the seller is obliged to return 100% of the cost of the phone. In the case of a sale to a third party, the price may be much lower.
Option 2. Phone is broken and requires repair.
In this case, too, there are options of where to take it. The first option is a service center of the brand of the phone manufacturer. If the phone is broken in the warranty period it can take to repair. If, after examination, the cause of failure will be assigned to the warranty period, the repair will be done free of charge. Otherwise, you will have to part with a certain amount of money. Repairs can be made on the expiry of the warranty period, but then talk about free repairs are not necessary.
Option 3. A broken phone is not repairable.
In the worst case, when the phone is beyond repair, it can be taken for parts. Then the owner of a broken phone to go to private workshops for repair of mobile equipment. The phone will be offered a meager price, but sometimes it can not be. The phone is broken forever. A broken phone will be happy diverse circles of radio engineering, as in their hands gets the object for disassembly and study.
Option 4. To give the phone in good hands.
You can make a good case, giving the phone to someone who needs it. Even though it is old. The cell phone will be happy pensioners, especially when the phone keypad. Also the phone will be happy and children whose parents want to know where their child is and if they are good.