If you are registered in social networks, probably ever noticed that there quite often is the raffle of cell phones. The purpose of this free distribution of the phones to promote a particular group to recruit more participants. In order to participate in the draw, you must join the group and comply with the terms of the contest you usually need to place your photo in a special album or write a poem or slogan for the group. With the higher number of advantages from the visitors wins a mobile phone.
In anticipation of mass production to the consumer market a new phone model, the manufacturer usually makes jokes multiple instances. Arranged such drawings to attract additional attention of potential buyers to have not known the product. The disadvantage of such shares is that the percentage of winners from the total number of participants is usually small enough, because thanks to advertising in the media is 70-100 thousand. And played up to 10-20 telephones.
Manufacturers of goods such as chips, crackers and soda, constantly play jokes on cell phones. Conditions of the promotion are usually extremely simple: you save and send a few labels/lids from lemonade/packages and get it for the opportunity to participate in a lottery, because if you do not get the phone, you will definitely get some kind of consolation prize – a mug, a backpack, etc.
Intellectuals will enjoy the opportunity to win the phone, Internet or TV quiz. Giving correct answers to all questions and registering as a member, you can win the phone. The probability of obtaining the prize is big enough, since few have sufficient knowledge to answer correctly and not to err in any matter.