Advice 1: How to win a free phone

You want to be the owner of a new trendy phone, and funds for the purchase of the device no? Try to win a cell phone in one of the free spins. You can smile luck.
How to win a free phone
If you are registered in social networks, probably ever noticed that there quite often is the raffle of cell phones. The purpose of this free distribution of the phones to promote a particular group to recruit more participants. In order to participate in the draw, you must join the group and comply with the terms of the contest you usually need to place your photo in a special album or write a poem or slogan for the group. With the higher number of advantages from the visitors wins a mobile phone.
In anticipation of mass production to the consumer market a new phone model, the manufacturer usually makes jokes multiple instances. Arranged such drawings to attract additional attention of potential buyers to have not known the product. The disadvantage of such shares is that the percentage of winners from the total number of participants is usually small enough, because thanks to advertising in the media is 70-100 thousand. And played up to 10-20 telephones.
Manufacturers of goods such as chips, crackers and soda, constantly play jokes on cell phones. Conditions of the promotion are usually extremely simple: you save and send a few labels/lids from lemonade/packages and get it for the opportunity to participate in a lottery, because if you do not get the phone, you will definitely get some kind of consolation prize – a mug, a backpack, etc.
Intellectuals will enjoy the opportunity to win the phone, Internet or TV quiz. Giving correct answers to all questions and registering as a member, you can win the phone. The probability of obtaining the prize is big enough, since few have sufficient knowledge to answer correctly and not to err in any matter.
Useful advice
To be aware of all of the drawings cell phones spent online, often visit sites like that tell about all the current draws you'll ever need.

Advice 2: How to get Shararah map free free SMS

Sharar is a popular exciting online game for kids. Every day there are upgrades that can be purchased for domestic currency - Sharar maps and Rumbeke. They can be purchased for real money, however not everyone can use this method for getting great opportunities in the game. Therefore, young players wondering how to get Shararah map free games and where to get Rombiki.
How to get Shararah map free free SMS


What are free and paid Sharar card

Map of Shararah educational fun game with Smeshariki gives you the ability to purchase character clothing, houses, open clubs, make cool Pets to travel.

Card Cararama you can buy, while buying certain kinds can get a free Rombiki.

The game has several types of cards.

Previously it was possible to briefly map Sharar free for a period of 1 to 3 days for Rombiki obtained for correct answers in school smesharikov, at present this option appears only occasionally during special events.

The minimum map Shararam has a period of 7 days. Its owner can become by sending an SMS. There was a period, when for free you could win a special gift card in "Smeshariki - the beginning", but currently it does not work.

Those who have bought the card for a period of one month may receive a gift of different clothes and backgrounds for your personal page.

During special events, players have the opportunity to buy a six-month map. As a bonus to it are given magical powers and houses.

Along with the standard annual subscription of Cararama you can get a special home that just cannot be bought. Option homes you can choose from the offered to your taste.

There is also a map of a secret agent. To obtain a free card Cararama almost impossible. Along with its purchase of 3 month or year the user can obtain one of the three "spy gifts" to choose from. In addition to the standard features of the card Cararama, this option gives the right to become a secret agent in the game with Smeshariki.

How to get a map of Cararama free

Many parents are opposed to children spending money to buy cards in the game, despite the fact that it is educational and developmental. If your family is one of them, you can try to Shararah map for free by participating in various competitions.

So, on the website regularly drawing Rumbelow, cards and other gifts.

If you want to learn more about what stocks are in the game currently, you can go to the discussion in the official team Shararam in the social network Vkontakte. There you can get acquainted with all terms and conditions of current competitions.

You can become the owner of a special card for attracting users to a group and the game. The more your friends will want to become students of the school smesharikov, the higher the chance to find the desired prize.

Get a map of Cararama without SMS for the best poem about smesharikov. If you do not possess poetic talents, ask them to come to you for help parents.

To Shararah map free offer on other sites. Some portals promise to Rombiki cheat by using cheats, while others are willing to provide a card for sending free SMS. Do not perform such actions without the consent of the parents, as in most cases you will be able instead free maps of Cararama and Rumbelow to get a virus on a computer or to spend the money on the phone, not having received the desired bonuses.


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