Advice 1: How to write off cell phone

Some phones are entered in a special database, which is used for the control of its location. When replacing you will need to write off this phone to further his data was not in the registration list. Also the phone can be in other databases, for example, in the database "1C: Accounting". Here in case of loss or damage to the telephone for cancellation please refer to the General conditions.
How to write off cell phone
If you for any reason do not want the imei number of your phone was in the base register cell phones, call the number given to you at check documents, and ask them to remove your phone from the base. Please note that this procedure can be done only in case of confirmation of you owning this phone camera.
Contact customer service Department of your network operator in order to write off your phone. In this case please note that you need to have the appropriate documents confirming the legality of owning a phone, and the documents proving the identity (passport, military ID, seaman's book, etc.).
If you want to write off your phone with the database in the program "1C: Accounting" and other accounting programs business enterprise, be guided by reason for cancellation: failure, obsolescence, loss and so on. Also set out whether the amortization period. If the phone is broken beyond repair or lost before the period of full recovery of cost, write off it on company expenses.
Be sure to take it into account when writing off the relevant conclusions of the service center. If the phone is still listed on the account 10 "Materials", use for disposal issuance requirements-invoice, after which it write off as lost in an inventory and household accessories.
If the cost of the phone was written off in expenses, write off it as a lost phone, you can use the document "Act MB-8" as the inventory. This action is especially important when working in "1C: Accounting". All can depend on adopted in your company accounting policy and the state of attenuation device at this time.
Useful advice
Don't write off a phone before the end of its service life.

Advice 2: Is it possible to cheat on the exam

The debate about the pros and cons of the exam can be conducted indefinitely. But most graduates who have to pass these exams, concerned with the question whether it was possible to write off, or all of the control system is perfect?
Is it possible to cheat on the exam

As it should be

There are a lot of requirements as to uncut examination (PPE) and to specific audiences. In particular, the PPE on the day of the exam should be closed all the booths with information on subjects. Each audience should have at least two organizers. In this case, the exam graduates is forbidden to use any items except a pen and the following additional means:

- physics – non-programmable calculator (contains only the functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage calculation and square root extraction);
chemistry – non-programmable calculator;
- geography – a ruler (not having records in the form of formulas).

In particular, it is forbidden to use mobile phones. Typically, students are asked to leave the cell together with bags on a separate table in front of the audience.

In 2014, all PPE and all classrooms should be equipped with video cameras.

During exams students are prohibited:

- conversations, getting up from seats,
- transplanting,
- exchange of any materials and objects
- the use of mobile phones or other means of communication, portable personal computers (laptops, PDAs, and others),
- use of reference materials other than as permitted,
walking on PPE during an exam without an escort

There have been a lot of talk about the fact that the dealer can go into the toilet with the accompaniment only for 2 minutes. In fact, the time spent in the toilet by anyone not standardized.

With all the real exams students can visit the "probes" - test exam, the purpose of which is to identify the level of readiness of graduates for the exam.

As is

Despite the fact that on the exam, as well as the election, plenty of public observers from year to year the number of violations of the exam is growing by leaps and bounds.
In 2012, while exam observers was recorded 709 violations. In 2013 their number exceeded 1.5 thousand.

Often students can bring phones, which can be tips on how to items. In addition to devices, the guys manage to use the good old paper Cribs, Cribs on bottles of water, chocolates.

Many TPP does not track the time spent by the dealer in the toilet, in addition, they often allow you to go to the toilet unaccompanied. According to the rules all classrooms and facilities are not used for testing must be sealed, however, this condition is not often observed. It turns out that, having asked for leave in a toilet, the dealer can go to an empty audience and watch all data necessary to it.

The organizers are strictly prohibited to give anything to graduates, but this rule does not always work: often deceptive ways the organizers be interested persons.

However, on the other hand, many PPE are followed all requirements, which a priori puts the dealer across the country in different conditions.

The failure of 2013

That to cheat on the exam not just possible, but can you not just from Cribs, the country learned in 2013. Before each exam at least a few hours before the exam real answers to options for regions laid out in open access on the Internet. Until now, the Internet is replete with an unprecedented live, where the eyes of the organizers, the students openly copied the answers from the phone, shooting it all on camera.

Students not submitting to the ability to write off remained quite small. Implicated in the spread of responses annulled the results of the exam without the right to retake, but there were only about 30 people.
After the situation of 2013 it was decided to create a Bank open jobs, exam, aims to ensure that graduates could find a large number of jobs, which will eventually be formed Kimy.

The universities were put in a difficult situation – they were forced to recruit students according to their scores, as it was impossible to find out who really cheated and who passed the exams for the high score on their own.

In 2014, the Ministry of education has promised to significantly strengthen the control over the conduct of the exam, however, the graduates of 2014 and expressed hope that they will be so lucky as predecessors.

Thus, to cheat on the exam, some do manage. But it is impossible to predict the conditions of the exam in a particular item in a particular year of the event, therefore taking the exam is strongly discouraged to try to do it in order to avoid serious problems.

Advice 3: Where the money goes from your phone

Sometimes the subscribers of cellular operators notice that someone "eats up" the balance. They blame the operators, they, in turn, blame all the troubles of the users, explaining that their carelessness. However, blame can be and those and others.
Where the money goes from your phone

What could be the error subscribers

Money balance of the mobile phone can suddenly disappear due to unlocked keypad. The device being in your bag or pocket, when accidentally pressed to call someone, for example, to a short number. If this number belongs to a company that provides entertainment services, the balance will end very quickly, because the minute of conversation costs a lot of money.

Also the balance may be zero in the automatic updates of programs installed on the phone. If the subscriber is not connected unlimited Internet, such an operation will cost a pretty penny, as the update weighs a lot of Megabytes.

You should pay attention to those services which were previously connected to. For example, subscribers of mobile operator MTS, at the conclusion of the contract, the system automatically connects the service "Beep". According to experts of the contact centre, the service is free, but that privilege is only for 30 days. After a month for the service will be charged the monthly fee.

Money balance can disappear in that case, if you ran into a cheater or unwittingly, subscribes to the service. For example, some sites to activate account please enter your phone number, reply to SMS code that must be entered in the appropriate field. After performing this operation, you can connect any kind of entertainment service on third party website. You can also give their money to the swindler. Therefore, never enter your phone number, or at least view reviews on online!

When cheat mobile operators

To write off the money from the account can and the operator, modifying the terms of the tariff plan. Let's say you have connected the rate, under the terms of which the cost of one minute of incoming call cost one ruble. After 3 months the operator had increased the price without notifying you about it. To return the funds in this case is rather difficult, as the operators often on your site register that the action is temporary, and after some period the prices will be changed.

You can also reset the balance by activating the service and not waiting for the operation. For example, you decided to connect the service to provide unlimited Internet. Your phone received information that the service will be activated within a few minutes. You started to actively use mobile Internet. But after some time realized that the output of the network is not free. Operators can withdraw, citing the fact that the message with the words "Service connected. Pleasant communication" was not sent to your phone, that service was not yet available to you. In this case, you can write a complaint to the head of the Department.

How to find out where the money went

To understand where the money goes from your phone, contact the call center of your mobile operator, it is possible to come to the office to make a phone call. You can also order the details on the official website of the company. But for this you will need a password which will be sent to you in the form of SMS messages.

If you think that the funds were illegally written off, write a complaint. Must describe in the application the whole situation in great detail.

Advice 4: How to check a cell phone number

To find out information about the owner of the accommodation cell phone - a very difficult task, especially if you do not have at hand the necessary specialized software. But, of course, there are several ways of bringing this event to life.
How to check a cell phone number
You will need
  • - ROM with the database.
In order to find out who owns a particular number, refer to those people who have access to the information you need legally. Keep in mind that provide you with such data , you must have a very good reason, otherwise your application will be rejected.
Also do not contact directly to the operator, because their policy is not to disclose confidential information regarding clients using the services of the company. You will likely receive a rejection and wasting your time.
Find markets in your city special disks with databases of rooms. The disadvantage here is the quick obsolescence of the data. Also the inconvenience of finding data about the owner of the accommodation cell phone is that the user of the SIM card is not necessarily the person in whose name it is registered. In addition, many cellular operators cease to provide to subscribers or that the room phonebecause they are not used for a long period of time (3 months for subscribers of "MegaFon", 6 months - for "Beeline" and MTS).
Try to know details of the holder accommodation alternative legally. Do not use offer online paid services punching cell phone numbers, since most of them are nothing more than a trick of the scammers, except that they are committing an offence by spreading confidential information about customers of mobile operators.
Some resources propose to download a database of numbers for sending SMS. Don't do this, because, most likely, any services you receive, and your account may be charged a big amount or you will automatically connect to any service. For download use only torrents and city forums.
Databases quickly become obsolete.

Advice 5: How to find out who registered the cell phone number

Many there were occasions when it was required to know who owns the unknown numbers phone. At first glance it seems that getting this information is quite difficult. But in fact, from any situation there is a way.
How to find out who registered the cell phone number
Consult the databases of the network operator. Despite the fact that such bases are sold illegally, and the dissemination of information stored in it, it is forbidden to buy them is still possible. You can buy such base in the markets where they sell various electronics (for example, in Moscow's Mitino, Savelovsky, Budenovsky, etc. markets). Be sure to check the CD with the database. Because you simply can cheat by palming off a broken drive, and claims to be present not to anyone, because you can buy such base "with" and one day (check, of course, also no you no breaks).
Refer to the services provided by the resources of the global Internet. In it you can find various services, both paid and free, offering to provide information about the subscriber on his number phone. The cost of these services is around $ 10, which definitely lower than buying a stolen database operator. But be careful! Claims in case of receiving unreliable or incorrect information through such services to be present here. And the cost of the service that is offered to pay by sending an SMS message from a mobile phone (the money is written off your account) can differ in a big way from that indicated on the order.
Try to find a friend in law enforcement. The fact that the police officially have the right to request the operator to provide data about the subscriber. To make such queries, usually with the purpose of investigative activities carried out by the police. But if you horoshenechko think over the question of motivation found a friend in advance, you may be the exception to the rule and get the information you need.
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