If you for any reason do not want the imei number of your phone was in the base register cell phones, call the number given to you at check documents, and ask them to remove your phone from the base. Please note that this procedure can be done only in case of confirmation of you owning this phone camera.
Contact customer service Department of your network operator in order to write off your phone. In this case please note that you need to have the appropriate documents confirming the legality of owning a phone, and the documents proving the identity (passport, military ID, seaman's book, etc.).
If you want to write off your phone with the database in the program "1C: Accounting" and other accounting programs business enterprise, be guided by reason for cancellation: failure, obsolescence, loss and so on. Also set out whether the amortization period. If the phone is broken beyond repair or lost before the period of full recovery of cost, write off it on company expenses.
Be sure to take it into account when writing off the relevant conclusions of the service center. If the phone is still listed on the account 10 "Materials", use for disposal issuance requirements-invoice, after which it write off as lost in an inventory and household accessories.
If the cost of the phone was written off in expenses, write off it as a lost phone, you can use the document "Act MB-8" as the inventory. This action is especially important when working in "1C: Accounting". All can depend on adopted in your company accounting policy and the state of attenuation device at this time.