Price range of modern mobile devices is a pretty broad spectrum. This is especially true of devices running on Android OS, because of budget decisions on this OS very much. Because of this, the need to find a use for an old gadget owners of Android occurs more often. So we will talk about this OS, although similar solutions can be found for iOS.

Media player

Even the cheapest smartphone has a feature set that matched is not a cheap player: support memory card, read almost all popular video and audio formats, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and so on. Just have to set a bigger memory card and buy good headphones. And headphones you can use and wireless, thanks to Bluetooth. Most devices are supplied with an installed audio player, although you can download one that like. If smartphone quality display, it can be used as a portable video player.


For modern smartphones there are many apps e-readers and their features they are no worse than the e-book. The old smartphone can be equipped with collection of books and to configure a smartphone for reading, deleting from memory all unnecessary programs and files, causing the device will work much more efficiently. But if you are keen on reading, then it is better to buy a real e-book, because it screen technology is aimed at reducing the burden on the eyes.

Wi-Fi router

Most Android smartphones are able to distribute the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi. Similar functioning devices are a lot for its role, so such use can be quite profitable. Also the latest version of Android "taught" to be a smartphone as a wifi modem the Internet was adopted by Wi-fi and is transmitted by wire to the computer or laptop.

Web/IP camera

Use old smartphone as security camera is a great idea. There are many applications for these purposes, such as SmartCam: the program is cross-platform, able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth and IP. And the battery in the smartphone will allow you to use our camera even in places where there is no mains supply and the portable battery will significantly increase the use time. Of course, an old smartphone can completely replace a web camera, if you such is not present. Moreover, you can communicate with a computer by installing the same SmartCam, and with the smartphone, because it has a microphone and front camera.

Bedroom alarm clock

Normal room alarms with a set of functions that can offer your old smartphone often are not cheap. Unlike the standard system clock, program, alarm clock, AdyClock, for example, may be constantly displayed on the screen. Moreover, there is an opportunity to fine-tune's display contents, the brightness, the design, the autostart when charging and even save the screen from premature wear. And the setup is like DVBeep can teach the smartphone to say the time out loud.

Car GPS Navigator/DVR

Buy universal holder for smartphone, install, and plug into the cigarette lighter and you're done. Moreover, the program can automatically start when connected to the charging means when the ignition is on. As maps navigation you can select checked Navitel, and as a DVR DailyRoads Voyager. Don't forget to set the time out screen below after turning off the ignition, the screen just doesn't light up and didn't put the battery.

Gadget for travel

If you are engaged in extreme tourism, it is possible your old smartphone to turn to an assistant. Maps, GPS, camera, relationship - all this is available in most devices and can help on the road, and save a new gadget at home integrity.

Experimental device

If you have a new smartphone, the old may well be suitable for experiments. For example, it is possible to try various new programs and firmware without fear of losing any data.

A new device

If you have the skills, you may wish to collect a new device based on an old smartphone, such as the music center: find/make the case, install power supply, amplifier and output wires to the speakers. With proper teamwork a bit, but the result is excellent: your device will have a set of wireless modules, touch screen Internet access with the ability to stream playback, and read almost any format to digital form. Old smartphone can even be used in homemade microscope with a recording material and output it on the big screen in HD.

The division of tasks between these devices according to their characteristics, can significantly optimize your work. Do not limit your imagination, and your old smartphone can come back to life.