Do not hurry to disassemble the laptop and try to sell it pre-assembled if it is in working condition. Especially good if the warranty period has not yet expired. Try to return it to the store where it was purchased. By law, the sellers shall fully reimburse the amount spent, if there are grounds for putting laptop, such as faults, external faults, etc.
Implement and benefit from the hardware of the laptop. Pay attention to those devices that remain in demand even when they expire, for example, power supplies, hard drives, keyboards, and touchpads. These components often fail at the users of the laptops, hence there is the urgency of buying parts, and for the same model laptop.
Advertise the sale of laptop parts for special resources on the Internet, on social networks or city Newspapers ads. Revenues for such sale will be small, but it is still better than leaving the laptop gathering dust at home.
Take the laptop or its parts at the thrift shop or hand it over to private buyers. If you have all the required documents, and parts are functioning properly, you will be able to successfully pass the components of the device, receiving a certain amount of funds.
Bring the laptop to a repair shop. Usually private repair shops happy to purchase pre-owned laptops and their parts, as they frequently face a shortage in spare parts. Proceeds for this you get the smallest, but still be able to get rid of your old device.
Give the laptop to your friends or relatives if they need this device. Such a gift will always be happy children and all those who have not yet had time to master the technical novelty and wants to join the world of computer technology.