In large cities there are special points of reception of obsolete household appliances. Coming here, she sent for recycling or is recycled. Such items help the owners of old equipment to dispose of it without harming the environment.
Increasingly, appliance stores promotions that allow their customers not only to get rid of old appliances, and to receive the benefit. Buyers are encouraged to donate to the store old equipment and get a discount when buying new. However, the proposal does not apply to all types of appliances. Most often the offer is valid on refrigerators, televisions, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and system blocks of computers.
Many repair shops willing to buy old and even non-working appliances. She needed them for spare parts, and therefore is used only with more or less modern technology released in the last 15-20 years. In this case, do not expect a large cash award, but still nice to get even a small amount of money for absolutely unnecessary thing.
To get rid of old appliances and using the Internet. For this you need to place the necessary information on any of the many free classified ads websites or forums. But to help potential buyers to quickly determine the choice, it is necessary to add to the description of the selling techniques her picture.
Unnecessary, but the working technique, it is possible to give to charity: there are so many people in need of basic household appliances. To find out whether you have this or that thing, you need to call the organization that you want to make a donation, or to ask for volunteers. It is worth considering that some social centers accept appliances that are in perfect condition.