Small, but perfectly formed

If you happen to meet on the vital way a short guy, do not just reject him, because his complexion carries a lot of advantages over high men.

First, a short young man will need much less food to satisfy your hunger, unlike fellow basketball player. You don't have to spend a lot of time at the stove, creating culinary masterpieces on a large scale.
Everything else you will be eating less, which will benefit your body - it can not be the fragile girl is more of her boyfriend.

Second, in choosing clothes for the low men are also no problem. Men with height below average rarely meet, so the range of clothing significantly wider. Much easier to find shoes 39 or 40 size than a 47 or 52, you will have to sew to order, and will cost a pretty penny. It can be concluded that the compact male economically large.

Third, the small men are more ambitious: kompleksuya due to growth, they are seeking to achieve success in career, personal life, in order to disguise your flaw. If you feel uncomfortable around him, it is absolutely nothing: you might meet a millionaire - don't miss your chance.
This medal has a reverse side. Napoleon syndrome can turn your cute Teddy bear in a cold-blooded, heartless, unprincipled tyrant, coming through the heads.

All decide inches?

You do not need to live in accordance with stereotypes. If your partner suits you at all, does it really matter what the growth? This is equivalent to saying that the girl is waiting for Prince on a white horse instead of the horse he comes to her on a camel.

The main thing - his attitude towards you how much he appreciates you, what can give you, what qualities have. If he's a wonderful person, it is important that it is above or below set by society standards?

In the end, if you are worried because of the difference in growth, eliminate from your life shoes with heels, avoid vertical stripes in outfits.
Choose bright clothes, and shiny fabrics - they visually make a person below.

If you constantly criticize and make fun of friends, and favorite people - a reliable support and protection, is it not better to objectively look at their comrades and ponder over whether they wish you well.