The first mistake that low girls shoes at superhigh heels, and even on the platform. Remember that these shoes only accentuate your short stature, as significantly disrupt the proportions of the figure. Besides, they're uncomfortable to walk. Choose shoes with heels in every five centimeters.
Typically, women of small growth small feet. Emphasize her elegance – choose shoes with narrow pointed toe, heel - a glass, with a deep neckline that visually elongate the leg and accentuate the beauty of her lines. But the coarse shoes with round toes and flat platform will make you more squat.
Avoid clothing from a tough fabric that is a stake. Remember that low girls is better to emphasize the advantages of its shape using a thin material. Good variety of knitted fabric, flowing silk, etc.
If you Thumbelina, what not to wear robes, too voluminous clothes. All that adds volume, visually reduces growth. Better get a fitted or tailored figure clothes. Don't wear skirts and dresses, especially diverging downward in the form of a bell. Such clothing makes the high above and low below. The ideal length dresses or skirts to the knee. It seems especially graceful figure, if the skirt narrowed. Wear too short skirts after a certain age is not worth it, it would seem that a grown woman trying to pretend to be a child or a teenager.
Avoid clothes with horizontal lines, large parts, for example, cuffs of sleeves and trousers, large patch pockets, as well as contrasts between the top and bottom. Better try to emphasize the vertical, drawing a line silhouette, plain clothes, V-neckline, long beads, vertical zipper, visible buttons and finishing details, going from top to bottom, for example, tape or ribbons, or decorative seams in a contrasting color.
Better, wearing pants and skirts with low waist. It visually shortens the legs, which have low girls, and so not very long. It violates the proportions of the figure, and the girl seems below and stocky.
Also best not to wear an oversized accessories, such as bags. A large bag will only accentuate the small growth and may create a comical effect.