Prefer tight clothes, especially if you have a beautiful figure. Baggy sweaters and wide-leg pants give small girl an unflattering resemblance to a cube. If you wear dresses, choose a fitted model of medium length. The same applies to skirts: they don't have to close the tibia.
Pay particular attention to the choice of colors of clothing. Avoid sharp contrast between the upper and lower part, because it will visually divide the figure in half and will accentuate your small stature. Preference should be given to items of clothing, the shades of which blend harmoniously.
Do not wear dresses, blouses, sweaters, skirts with large patterns. The smaller the ornament will be, the better. Low girls also should avoid frill, lush collars, big buttons. To visually increase your height, best fit vertical stripes. This does not necessarily choose the color of the cloth: a kind of pattern can serve as zippers, seams, cuts, etc. of Horizontal lines and clothes in a cage, by contrast, should be avoided.
Wear long pants, the edges of which slightly closed shoes. If you prefer a high platform or heels, these trousers will visually make you taller. It is recommended to use only models with a high rise: they accentuate your attractiveness and will visually increase the length of the legs. If you like to wear belts, use only thin. Pants with a wide waistband accentuate the low rise.
Choose outerwear medium length. Coats, coats and jackets into the floor accentuate your height and visually even smaller. If possible, you should give preference to the clothes, the edges of which do not descend below the knee. It is also recommended to buy a light coat length a little below mid-thigh. They will draw attention to your slender legs.