Understand his feelings. Make sure that you have chosen this young man because of sympathy for him, and not because of any maternal desire to care about someone.
Be prepared for misunderstanding from the society. Not everyone can treat it with due respect and tolerance. Couples with a large age difference is perceived as something unusual and surprising. So please be patient.
Look closely at her chosen. Sometimes there is a risk to meet a gigolo who meets with older women only for money. Whether he is able to give you what you want: stability, a sense of protection, love, attention?
Don't focus on his age and not try to teach. The man could be frustrating if you're constantly reminded of your age difference. Carefully teach the guy, give him experience, but do it quietly. It can hurt, if you openly begin to teach him.
Clarify plans for the future, if you plan a long-term relationship. The future life of you and your companion can present quite differently. One will want a family and children and the other wants a quiet life in his pleasure. Find out all the uncertain moments in the beginning of the relationship, so you do not hurt too much.
Take care of yourself. Don't forget to look younger and more attractive in the eyes of a loved one, you need to make an effort. If you run yourself and your age will become too evident, the man can go in search of another lady.
Enjoy the relationship, no matter what. Even if you don't understand friends and family, live happily. If you are really good together, don't look around, trying to get the approval. In a relationship with a big age difference benefit both partners.