Advice 1: Why do men like unavailable girls

It is considered that men prefer in most cases inaccessible to women. In fact, this is not true. Girls unavailable like not everyone. All men can be divided into two categories. The first category consists of men who do not like to spend their time communicating with indifferent to it girl. And the second men, who are just too lazy to care for the girls, they need to once said, whether they have relationships or not.
Why do men like unavailable girls

Why men prefer to love unavailable

Unavailable women attract men who from childhood had been spoiled by women's attention. This is due to the fact that they do not see more excitement in a predictable victories. Im more interested in when a girl refuses to different prompts, for example, in a cinema, café or restaurant. This is a very surprising man, and he tries to do everything to win her attention. And it all starts with the fact that the man simply can not understand that she could refuse him.
You need to remember that Lovelace care not of serious intentions, it typically happens that after he gets girls, he becomes uninteresting.

Another reason why men go after unavailable girls is that the girls deter my desire to get married. Of course, men know that women dream about their own family home. If the girl in the beginning of the relationship puts pressure on the man that she wants a white dress, a wedding, it is unlikely that such relations will be long lasting. This is due to the fact that the man thinks that everything happens with time and do not hurry, especially with the wedding. If a girl insists that a man can be disappointed in it. And in the future will be interested in those girls who will behave independently and do not want to marry.
Independent behavior of girls are not every man can handle. Most likely, such relationships are doomed to failure.

Some girls try to hide that they want to marry, but not all topologies to do. On the other hand, if the girl does not speak at all about the wedding, man it seems strange and he begins to wonder why she does not want and does not think about marriage. He slowly begins to think about whether he likes her? Thoughts begin to oppress the young man. If he offers the girl to marry him and she refuses, that means she is not ready for family life. Therefore, in the future, he will pursue it until she agrees.

Some men like unavailable girls

Unavailable love those men who in life were found easily accessible, girls are able for them. Not all men are willing to evaluate it. Unfortunately, men love women who push them away. If a woman every day tells a man that she loves him, over time, the man ceases to rejoice in these words. It is therefore recommended that the girl remain a mystery for her man in any situation.

Advice 2: Why do men like unavailable women

Unavailable women create around themselves an aura of mystery, they beckon, if asked to reveal their secret, to conquer them and be the true masculine qualities. That is why for men they are so appealing.
Why do men like unavailable women
Men are attracted to unavailable women. This fact makes half the female to suffer in the reflection, and the second to enjoy the attention. Why is this happening? Human nature has the desire for the forbidden, the unknown and mysterious. Not only is eve in the ancient legend was drawn to forbidden fruit, is the fate of every human being. Male more takes the initiative in relations with the opposite sex, and thus often attracts the attention of women than they are men. And the more the woman seems inaccessible, the more attractive she becomes.
On the one hand this situation can recognize a few childish: when children see a bright toy that is inaccessible to them, they begin to fight over her and cry, if you do not get what you want. Maybe no wonder why men are called big kids. The desire to possess the object of desire is higher, the more inaccessible the object.
However, on the other hand, such behavior is justified. Initially the man had given in society, the role of the hunter. Going out on a hunt, the man used to achieve this goal, we have to win the booty, or his community and family could be left without food and die. The same principle of conduct he embodies and in a relationship with a woman: men need to win their goal. Without a struggle and manifestations of force, he not feels his masculinity.
So women who need to fight with other men is not available in their beauty attract them particularly strong. If a woman is willing and literally falls into the arms of men, for it is certainly convenient. Maybe he'll even lead with it quite a close relationship. But initially she's not satisfied - he could not win her to be the only strong and beautiful, who made it the woman. If not immediately, but this fact can negatively affect relationships in the future.
Exactly the availability of women can be evaluated negatively by a man, especially if he is serious about a relationship. What got just, usually, not appreciated. If the man respects the woman, he can throw it as fast as received. A real woman, mysterious, enigmatic, and above all, respect yourself. She won't agree to the entreaties of the first counter men, will be carefully to choose my future partner, will help him to see himself and to learn from all sides. She will give him the opportunity to show themselves, to achieve, to both the man and the woman valued the Union and could respect and to trust each other.

Advice 3: The reasons for choosing unavailable men

Psychologists say that among their clients often come across girls who are prone to selecting the "unavailable men". Most explain this by accident, but it is not. All make choices we ourselves, perhaps on a subconscious level.
The reasons for choosing unavailable men

Unavailable men are defined by several criteria:

1. Mostly married or those who have relationships. For example, it is not seldom that among the huge number of men a woman chooses a busy man.

2. In the background are men whose first place of importance is the mother. One can often hear that loving mother, the boys also will treat his wife. However, if there are relations in the pair, and the first place is still a mother, you need to get away from this man without hesitation.

3. There are partners at a "distance". It refers to those men who are always with you. And it's not necessarily physically, that is, when he is constantly doing something, and his feelings and thoughts here.

So why do girls choose it "these"? There is many reasons: lack of self-esteem, self-criticism or all kinds of installation (such as: "all guys are the same", "better something than nothing"). Possible parental influence. For example, when a family she was not given sufficient influence, and she's looking for the same relationship in marriage. Not a rare case of copying behavior, when the girl's mother was married to unavailable men. On a subconscious level, the daughter begins to do the same.

There are cases of fear of intimacy. Who have previously been unsuccessful relationship and eventually a broken heart. In such cases, girls are not looking for a permanent partner, and vegetable garden from them. Affect relationship the girl's parents. Cases where ancestors had not provided the required care, on the emotional plane. Maybe my folks were busy at work or the child was uninvited "guest", there are many options.

The outcome of such education, the girl will seek the warmth that she was not allowed in childhood. Psychologists say that we are looking for a partner for its internal similarity. Therefore it is necessary to communicate only with people that you like. To find something that will strengthen your inner peace and harmony. Harmony is the balance between respect for themselves and others.

There are a lot of reasons for such relations, when women stop choosing men that are unavailable.

Advice 4: Why are men attracted to married women

Quite often men cheat on their wives. They meet younger girls, which tied short novels. The women sometimes cheat on their husbands. They go for such a thing because of the cooled-down feelings, lack of attention and other difficulties in the relationship. Women in these situations can understand. But here's another interesting fact: free mujchinam quite often married women like more than free.
Why are men attracted to married women

Reasons for selecting men married women

In General, the reasons are many and they are all different. Probably, the main reason is the absence of any obligations to a married woman.
If a woman is married, she won't be require from your lover, since in addition to sex, in fact she didn't need anything.

Another reason that married or single men choose a married woman, is the desire to surpass his mistress's husband, thus once again proving its leadership.

When meeting with a married woman, she does not need to buy expensive gifts, and thus, it does not need to spend a lot of money, so she can bring home.

Unlike the free woman, much less married, and it means that she will not bother with phone calls, SMS with questions about regular meetings.

As a rule, married women are not as demanding, less accommodating and available.
It is the unavailability always been attracted to men in women. They are interested in the process of conquering the women's consent.

Men are attracted to what a married woman does not create such problems (for example, "marry"), as a free woman. It is more cleanly, and therefore, there is a guarantee that it will not become infected with any sexually transmitted infection.

Women are not free to men is extreme because of the need to be able not to catch the eye of friends.

Men love affection of married women and their care. They know how to cook, wash and do other household chores. They always take care of her man.

A married woman is much easier, you can leave, without any tantrums in response, she just is useless. In addition, they are more independent, unlike women.

What end such novels?

Of all the cases, only 1% of such passionate relationships end in marriage, and the other 99% did not develop into a serious relationship. As the saying goes, love is not one person not insured. Known cases when ordinary relations of men with married women grew into a whirlwind romance that brings a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. And end such novels often marriage. But love intrudes into that relationship, not so much. Typically, such relations of men with married women are the only outlet that allows to forget about all problems and plunge into the whirlwind of passions. As a rule, very often such passion quickly subside and the relationship ends normal decay.

Advice 5: What guys don't like girls

Some girls push away guys and do not know why. The fact that there are certain feminine qualities and habits that young people can not stand. If you notice some of these characteristics, change the situation to not get in men's black list.
What guys don't like girls


Girls who dress vulgar, vulgar makeup and behave provocatively, rarely seriously like you guys. This image does not imply the presence of true femininity, warmth, and young people looking for partners in these qualities.

If the fair sex does not mince words, swearing, abusing alcohol and smokes, in the eyes of the guy she is either a collection of bad habits, or "the guy". Neither in the first nor in the second case the young man is unable to experience romantic feelings for this person.


Let the mind, it is not important, what is valued in women and men, but his obvious lack of scares men. Women's the stupidity, stupid questions, inappropriate behavior can lead a young man into a rage.

Moodiness and immaturity also don't paint the girls. Some of them mistakenly believe that the way look in the eyes of men princesses. In fact, creating the effect of an ordinary poseur and fool.


There is a special category women-hunters. More the identity of the men they are interested in his financial status. To conquer such of the fair sex can be with expensive gifts, trips and trips to restaurants.

However, guys are much much more perceptive than I think some of the girls. A young man with self-esteem and the desire to find a serious relationship, not to build a Alliance with a Mercantile personality.


Girls, who themselves are hung on the neck of men, not the latter cause neither respect nor the desire to continue the acquaintance on a long term basis. However, it is impregnable "the snow Queen" is also among the favorites of the guys.

A woman who puts himself above all, haughty and inaccessible, just annoying man. To communicate with an arrogant person who by his presence as if doing a favor to the guy, not bring him any pleasure.


"Gray mouse", quiet and inconspicuous, hardly can count on the attention from men. The lack of feminine dresses and the inability to maintain a conversation do these girls not interested for guys.

Men like self-sufficient, diversified women. Full obedience and a desire to dissolve in a loved one a burden and annoying. And the inability to present itself makes the "gray mouse" is not practically attractive for young people.

Advice 6: How to learn to communicate with men

Sometimes even the most independent young lady that tired to spend the evening alone. But men are somehow not in a hurry to brighten up their company. Probably, it's all about the inability to communicate with the opposite sex. How to stop inferiority complex and learn to attract guys ' attention?
How to learn to communicate with men
Men are known to love eyes. Maybe you're a good talker, but don't neglect its appearance. Yes, smart women also does not hurt the ability to dress stylishly. Update your wardrobe, get a haircut – change in the appearance always attract the eye. Grooming – a strong female trump card.
Flirt! So you will understand that it is ready to go on contact. Flirting does not mean your easy accessibility, it has nothing to do with vulgar, nevertheless not binding. Smile, keep the conversation on fun topics, show that you girl is a holiday, and with you easily.
Parties do not sit modestly in the corner, simply because in the opinion of friends, your waist thin enough, and my eyebrows are not plucked according to the latest fashion. Doesn't really matter how good you are, in terms of modern standards. Beauty is subjective, and in a relationship with a man important to establish communitiy, and not display unavailable charms, not knowing how to hold a conversation.
Take the first step. Contrary to popular belief the female initiative is often taken by men to cheer. No shame in going to ask any guy out on a date, to Express their sympathy.
Talking with men about what they are interested in. Women are often guilty of the fact that all the attention is focus on yourself. Baubles excellent knowledge of issues that concern the stronger sex. The political situation in Russia and the world, the exchange securities, the results of football matches, automotive news – may you not be difficult to keep the conversation on these topics.
To attract the attention of the stronger sex, do not need to have any special skills, as the authors of articles in glossy magazines. Connect your natural magnetism, it has every woman. Be open, friendly and confident, men are sure to appreciate it.

Advice 7: The mistress of a married man: pros and cons

The prospect of becoming the mistress of a married man for some women looks attractive enough. With his girlfriend married man is usually chivalrous, nice caring, spoils her with compliments and gifts. No commitment, every meeting becomes a celebration. However, in a relationship with a married man has many disadvantages, which the future mistress do not think at the beginning of this communication.
The mistress of a married man: pros and cons

The mistress of a married man: the benefits of the relationship

For young and poor girls relationships with wealthy married man can deliver tangible business benefits. Through a rich and generous lover, you can improve their well-being. However, the main thing here is not to sell too cheap and to accept only the real help. However, in this case it is necessary to realistically assess their capabilities. The girl who dreams of becoming the mistress of a wealthy married man, must be very attractive, very few people want an ugly concubine.

To be a mistress of a married man profitable. For free-spirited women, this relationship means independence and the absence of any obligations. At any time to part with her lover.

Relationship with a married man do not interfere with parallel search for a husband. No need to rush to the first comer, and thoroughly choose a future life partner, with whom one can feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Married women for relationship on the side give the feeling that, alas, were unavailable in family life. For these women to become the mistress of a married man means to assert themselves, to prove to herself that her feminine attractiveness is still alive.

Actually, with the right approach, relationship with a married man is able to bring a lot of joy. You can build this connection so that it will be beneficial for both parties.

The mistress of a married man: cons and pitfalls

If everything is so good, then why the vast majority of mistresses of married men so unhappy? It turns out that in such relationships there is still enough of the disadvantages that burden partners.

The woman eventually begins to understand that her husband still belongs to another. Sooner or later the relations will arise a situation when a married man is forced to make a choice in favor of his wife. For example, going lovers to a concert and all of a sudden his wife calls her something urgently needed. And now, a married man is coming home, about the planned trip to a concert you have to forget. The mistress of a married man remains alone. Loneliness at the holidays – a lot of women who linked their fate with a married man.

Wife eventually finds out about the mistress. It all depends on the temperament of the spouse. The consequences for a mistress can be very different, up to the scandal with assault and battery.

The mistress of a married man is forced to always stay on "the sidelines". It will never fully possess her man. Brief encounters, vacation, and holidays spent alone, the constant hope that one day her lover will leave his family — all this makes the life of a mistress of a married man sad, humiliating and hopeless.

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