In a small man, you can find a lot of advantages. It requires not so much food as a two-meter "pitching," so to cook, you can far fewer. Also, subconsciously the girl uncomfortable to eat more than young people, so that the difference in growth will have a positive impact on the figure.
Often the difference in the traditional growth of the pair can reach half a meter. Mirrors, kitchen cabinets, switches typically are designed to increase one of the partners. When living together with a low young man, you no longer have to stand on a stool to get the salt.
In bed height difference is not important. And 69 the most convenient way of lovers, whose height is about the same. If young people significantly lower than you, do not worry, there are many other positions. But to carry and give birth to children from low men is much easier than from tall and broad-shouldered.
Many girlswho date low young people are worried about what the surrounding say about their pair. Yes, the "classic" couple is the one where the man is above women, but remember pictures famous top models on which they are imprinted with loved ones – often girls are above men. Many musicians or prominent political figures had short stature, which did not prevent them to enjoy great popularity among women.
If the problem of growth is still very worried about you, you can pick up your closet, so that visually appear below. Avoid vertical stripes and heels. Choose light clothes or things of bright colors: orange, green, blue. Matte fabric visually lengthen the figure, but brilliant, on the contrary, fat and do below. If you choose the right closet, and no one will say that your young man below.