Advice 1: Do they like girls in shape guys?

For anybody not a secret that the first thing that you notice is their looks. Do before to approach to get acquainted to the girl, the guy evaluates her appearance, grooming, and neatness. And on that same pay attention to the girls? This question is always relevant, because human nature has a willingness to please others, especially the opposite sex.
Do they like girls in shape guys?

Looks like a nice guy

Different women can be heard mixed reviews about male beauty. Some prefer to see brutal men, covered with bristles, dressed in jeans and a shirt. Others like clean-shaven men, in a strict and stylish suits. Some girls are crazy about "bad" guys in tracksuits and sneakers.

But one thing women can agree on: almost all the ladies like men with a good figure and developed muscles. That is why guys spend more than one month in order to look beautiful. They go to the gym, trying to build muscle, doing special exercises for the abdomen, trying to get pack abs. All of these efforts do not go unnoticed.
Inflated the male body looks very nice, but do not overdo it as a solid mountain of muscle, too few people can like.

The advantages of inflated guy

Girls are by nature delicate and defenseless creature, often referred to as the weaker sex. They want to always be under someone's protection and know that they have someone to lean on. So, guys with good muscles in most cases associated with the heroes, strong and courageous. The girl's eyes this guy is a defender. With him not afraid of any bullies. His arms give confidence and comfort.
In addition, she will be glad to introduce a guy to her friends.

Inflated the guy definitely committed to beauty. The girls like it. All athletes are strong, purposeful and self-confident people. If the guy managed to succeed in sport, in life he likely will also be. The opposite sex senses this and wants to be close with that person.

The guy involved in sports and making the free time in the gym is much better than the man playing computer games, watching TV and drinking beer with friends in your free time. Many athletes, watching their diet and adhere to certain diets, so they are always healthy and full of energy. Any girl would have been nice to be proud of their young man. Success in sports is a good option.

However, everyone is different and their tastes also differ. According to statistics, inflated guys like a lot of girls, but still not all. There are those who are afraid of "bullies". They believe that they have inflated self-esteem or too arrogant. There is also a view that many are achieving sports results due to energy and bio-additives. Here we can only say that all depends on the person and it is impossible to decide something for themselves without trying to communicate with him.

You can argue a lot on this subject, but it is important to remember one thing – athletic, moderately inflated guys always attract attention.

Advice 2: Do girls muscular guys

To impress her, you need to be special and stand out among others. Many guys think that the muscles will undoubtedly be the guarantor of their popularity, and with a head start chasing the body beautiful.
Do girls muscular guys

A fearless defender

When a girl first meets a guy, it is logical that from the first minute she is not trying to see his inner world, and drew attention to the appearance. And if you follow the theory about the importance of the effect of first impressions, we can conclude that beauty in the future will play in your favor. Man is, first and foremost, a defender. This understanding laid the girls in the subconscious, even if they consciously deny it. And the fact that a raised body with bulging biceps and six-pack abs represent the image of strong and fearless defender.

A moment of weakness

Do girls muscular guys?. If the right to answer this question, the absolute answer will be "Yes." This is similar to how and men attracted to girls with a beautiful figure. The pursuit of beauty - that's what underlies this attraction.

However, it is usually a superficial attraction is limited to the first "moments of weakness": as time goes on, the harder it is to hold the attention. Think about what you really want? So you ran the crowd of fans, do not represent anything serious or really interested in girls? As a rule, standing the girls are skeptical of guys pumped up. They may have several reasons.


Public dogma dense layers fall on the minds of everyone. Now think, what is the inner world of the mind and the beefy guy, for example, on television? Suffice it to recall the youth series "Univer" and one of its main characters - Hugo. Of course, the show cannot be called a cult, and the question of how does someone TV now, deserves a separate article. But, nevertheless, indirectly or directly, media impact, and the image of a beefy guy involuntarily associated with "dummy".

You can't blame a girl that her thoughts give in to this stereotype. After all in life often meet guys that have nothing to talk about except their own muscles. Therefore, the question about the interest of the girls pumped the guys has a dual nature. On the one hand, the physical advantages ensures safety, and on the other, inflated body ensures the feebleness of the mind.

Therefore, in order to attract girls, to have large muscles, though it is a great advantage when Dating. To hold the interest and attention to yourself, you grow both physically and spiritually.

Advice 3: As like all the girls

There is a certain category of guys for whom girls are lining up, while others go unnoticed. Don't worry, if you fall into the second category. Liking girls can be easily earned if you know some secrets.
As like all the girls
First of all, if the female sex does not spoil you with their attention, look at their behavior. It is possible that you are too modest man and girls simply do not notice you. Of course, this does not mean that you should behave casually or over-confidently. Unnatural behavior always catches the eye, the girl will be enough to hold in your community for a couple of minutes to understand that you're not quite what you appear to be. Try to be yourself, but forget about their own shortcomings. Be confident, because guys like girls. Don't forget that ladies love with their ears. Compliment, often smile, be sincere.
All, without exception girls like guys with whom interesting to talk to. Success primarily depends on communication. Tell some interesting life stories about their Hobbies or travels. Maybe you have hidden talents? Tell us about them. Talking about everything, try not to be silent. To present information with humor, giving her some words in a joking tone. However, remember that almost all girls like to talk, so learn not only to speak but also to listen.
Be sure to pay attention to how you look. A person's appearance can both attract and repel. No special rules for this exists. Just be neat and clean-shaven, it is unlikely that a girl will like a sloppy, sweaty guy ashamed to show off to her friends. By the way, you have to win and their location, because all the girls listen to the opinion of friends.
Don't be a cheapskate! Know that girls love generous guys. Give them romantic gifts. Of course, this does not mean to buy expensive things, any little thing would be nice. On a first date be sure to come with a bouquet of flowers. Most importantly, the girl felt your attention. Even if the generosity is not peculiar to you, try to seem so, to be able to make a good attitude the opposite sex. Subsequently, girls will see this and your other talents, but the first impression is most important and it determines whether to develop further relationships. Remembering these tips and applying them in practice, you will surely conquer all girls on Earth.

Advice 4: How to please a girl: 10 tips

Girls are very mysterious creatures. One like inflated guys, the other slender with a hooked nose, a third silent. Of course, you should always investigate on the spot, but there are some rules, observing that you risk like this, even more than expected.
How to please a girl: 10 tips

Firstly, remember. All these rules need to be observed constantly, it is impossible today to be responsible and caring, and tomorrow slobs. Consistency is your main trump card.

1. Confidence

With such a man, a woman is comfortable, she can afford to relax. The main thing - not to confuse confidence with rudeness and arrogance. Be firm, but not rude. Communicating with the girl look at her and not at his feet or, even worse at passing beauties. Try not to blush and not to mumble. Speak quietly. Do this if you want to please a girl.

2. A sense of humor

This is one of the most desired man qualities. Not only during a conversation with girls but in life in General. We want to stay where we're having fun. And if you remember that "women love with their ears" you will understand, one who knows how to cheer a girl gets 55% of her sympathy!

3. Good manners

Yes, this is well forgotten old. Nowadays good manners are the lack of bad manners. It is not difficult. Don't slurp, don't interrupt her. And Yes, give her a hand, leaving transport. Of course, there are girls who prefer those who spits under her feet and speaks in Mat. But why you such a girl? Respect yourself and your chosen one.

4. Responsibility

"The man said – man did". So be a man. Promised – fulfill. Even if you tell your friends or started the world Cup. She will understand that you can rely on your word can be trusted. If you are responsible – you know how to please a girl.

5. Masculinity

A girl wants it or not, nature is so inherent that any man she is considering as a future husband and father of their children – suitable-not suitable. Caring for offspring and responsibility for themselves and their families – qualities required of its choice. And the expression "behind him, like a stone wall" will never lose its relevance.

6. Neatness and grooming

Well what can I add? You smell like you have dirty shoes and not washed hair is who you can like? We are not talking about business suits with a tie. Simple neatness is one of the main your tasks, if you want to please a girl.

7. The singularity

The highlight has to be not only a woman. You also need to stand out in the crowd. Some positive quality, something which is not in others. Remember, maybe you are a virtuoso dance or you are well-read. And maybe your work on the burning took first place at the city exhibition?

8. Generosity

Not to be confused with waste! It is not necessary to perform the slightest whim of a girl, but avarice is no one decorated. Just make her small, but nice gifts.

9. A nice companion

There are people with whom just nice to talk to. They know a little in all areas and very deeply versed in one or two subjects. In conversation with them there are no stupid pauses or awkward silences. If you date a girl for the first time, try to find out what her interests and a little bit in her world. Of course, if it is not purely women's issues, like hair removal and fashion magazines. Somehow it's not manly.

10. Like her friends

To please the girl, it is highly desirable that people like you in principle. If you are a pleasant companion, "the soul of the company", then you have all the chances to please your beloved. Yes, it's not easy. But it's nothing compared to how to please her friends. Here is a very fine line. They got you good things, but not so much that the girl was jealous and thinking you were overly attached to her friend. Be careful!

Advice 5: How to make a girl forget a guy

Some people in relationships still have not forgotten past love. This makes it difficult to live in the present, to enjoy the feelings and hurts of the new chosen one. Sometimes you need a helping hand to continue to enjoy life.
How to make a girl forget a guy
Be patient and understanding toward your girlfriend. If you rush or push her, she may withdraw into themselves or resent you. To forget a past love, it takes time and support for a loved one.
Just let her talk and find out more about his predecessor. Talking about your ex-boyfriend, she will be able to look at it from the other side, thanks to your comments. Gently emphasize his bad side. She couldn't pay attention to the fact that he was often late, never gave gifts, and did not call back, but you will notice it. Keep in mind the above disadvantages and learn from his mistakes. Find out what she liked in it to use it for their own purposes.
Remove all reminders of him. It is desirable to remove from her apartment photographs of the former, all his gifts and memorabilia. When walking, avoid the place where they were happy. Show her another world, discover new areas of the city and interesting places.
Find a new occupation. The girl needs to unwind, to forget about their experiences. Find out what she wanted to do, preferably together. A great option – pair dances. You will spend a lot of time together, is fun, allows you to feel intimacy with a partner. It is important to choose something that will really interest the girl.
Expand her circle of friends by introducing your friends. It is desirable to warn about her vulnerable state that it would be nicer. Friendly company, fun and new friends is a good way to emerge from bad memories.
Show love and surround her with attention. Sensing your concern, she'll enjoy, she'll feel loved and be able to quickly break with the past. Say compliments, make cute gifts, spend more time together. Become a part of her life and drove past.
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