Discuss the vision for the future. Make sure that want the same thing. If a man is going to take you to wife, have children and create a strong family, and you're not ready for that, better find out in advance.
Do not provoke him to jealousy, especially if the age difference is very large. Mentally man is to compare yourself with your peers who most likely look more fit, and have other advantages.
Try to match the beloved. If your man is wearing expensive and stylish suits, don't wear a frivolous open blouse. Makeup should also be solid and not too geeky. Mentally rate yourself, so you do not look together, like a father with his daughter.
Do not attempt to alter the beloved. Adults have established values, beliefs and interests, so it is very difficult to change. If you constantly impose on man his own opinion, he can not stand and leave.
Listen to his opinion. Even a slight difference in age men can turn this around – he's seen more, knows more and is wiser. Show that you trust him, let be a senior and to solve your problems. Because men need to feel needed and useful to his girlfriend.
Don't act thoughtlessly, try to read more and to develop in different directions. Adult men appreciate in women not only the appearance but also the inner world. If your interests and views on life are too different, long the relationship will not last.
Do not pay attention to gossip behind. Some people may envy to tell you that you only date for money. Try to ignore them and don't try to explain anything. If you really love each other, other people's stories will not spoil your relationship.