Weather in July in the Lazarev

In Adler, as in all of Sochi, a subtropical humid climate with mild winters and stifling hot summers. This distinguishes this resort from those that are located to the North of Tuapse. In July, the day temperature may vary from 28 to 35oC above zero, and at night drop to 10 degrees. Is sometimes given for especially hot weather, when the temperature by day is around +42оС.
At this temperature it is better to abandon sunbathing from 11 to 17 hours, otherwise you can easily get sun or heat stroke. Also do not forget about the headdress.

The water temperature in the Black sea in July also is different. If may and June was not too hot, the sea in early July can warm up to +24C. In a particularly hot summer the water temperature can reach +28 ° C, but in shallow coastal areas is even higher.
At this temperature, it is sometimes not even too nice to go in the water, as it resembles fresh milk, and not at all refreshing. But this happens in rare years.

Sometimes in July it can rain then the humidity is even higher. But, as a rule, rainfall this month has very little. Mostly is hot and humid and occasionally blowing a refreshing breeze.

Stay in Lazarevskoye

Despite such high temperatures, Lazarevskoye beach in July, Orgy the tourists come from all over Russia. No wonder, because pebble beach and the water was quite comfortable without breakwaters and Yam, and the water in the Black sea is transparent even at the shore. In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, the resort offers a lot of fun. Among them: parks, terrarium, Dolphinarium, penguinarium and aquarium, where you can go with the whole family.

In Lazarevskoe you can also explore the coastal routes to discover the history of these places, or take a horse ride. Tourists are also offered to go to sea on a boat, paragliding or take a ride by jeep through the mountains. From there you can go to the dolmens.

From Lazarevskoye, on the train or by car to reach the Central district of Sochi, where there are lots of entertainment and beautiful places for tourists. It will take about an hour. There you can climb the mountain Akhun and see the whole city at a glance. Or visit the Sochi arboretum is a huge area and to get acquainted with diverse and rare plants.