Go to the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation and go to "Account for individuals" by clicking the title "Study INN". This page is intended to search the INN for passport and other data, but is intended for use mainly by the citizen to get to your room. In this case, you must pass the procedure of obtaining a VAT number, otherwise the system will be useless to you.
Carefully indicate the proposed fields of your passport details, including the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, series and number of passport and place of residence. Enter the security number on the picture below to confirm the request with you personally. After a few seconds you will see on the screen of your INN.
Click on the link if you have not yet received a taxpayer identification number, and then read the information on how to do it. You can register in person, by visiting the tax authority at the place of residence and by registered mail at the specified email or postal address. If you already have was, however, the system does not display the desired result, most likely, was still too soon after receiving the numbers, and he has not yet entered the electronic database. Wait a few days then try again.
Try to find out INN any other natural or legal persons using this service. In this case, there are some restrictions: you will not be able to find the necessary information without the presence of passport data of foreign persons. If you have entered the required data, the system will report only whether the person was. To see the full number, you have to visit the tax authority at the place of residence with your passport, copy of passport of the physical person, the document certifying powers of the representative, as well as the paid receipt, which costs 100 rubles.