To obtain a certificate of the INN, you need to visit the Federal Tax
Service. Visit the FNS should be on your domicile or residence. Documents to bring your passport or other document proving your identity; a copy of this document and the application form No. 2-2-Accounting, filled in according to the established pattern.

Statement form No. 2-2-Accounting "Declaration of physical person about statement on the account in tax Department in territory of the Russian Federation" can be filled right on the spot, sitting in line at the office of the tax inspector. Usually at the stand in front of the Cabinet there are samples of filling and empty forms. After submission of all documents, you will be asked to come in 3-10days (depends on the city). To obtain a certificate of INN you need to the applicant. If you get another person, you will need a notarized power of attorney from you.
The application for obtaining the identification number can be sent by Russian post by registered mail. The letter must attach a statement which is filled by you; a photocopy of your passport or birth certificate; a photocopy of the document that proves your residence or registration as a citizen of the Russian Federation. If you do not live at the address of residence, you should specify the real address, to avoid problems with the tax authority. All the above copies of documents must be certified by a notary in an official capacity, otherwise your data will not be entered into the database on.
After a while you can go to the tax office and to take the testimony of the INN without waiting in a special box.
For very busy people recently opened a very convenient service, getting a number was through the Internet. The website of the Federal tax service has opened a new service through which you can learn your VAT number if you receive it, or to write an application for number assignment.

To assign a tax number go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service. The bottom of the page you will notice the line "to complete a new application". Clicking on it, you must first confirm that you are a real person. To do this, type the code from figure. Then complete all sections of the electronic application, each time retaining section. Writing a statement and send it for review. This service helps to keep your nerves, because you won't have to wait long queues.
Here, on the website, you can keep track of how long processed your application. But for the very evidence you still have to go to the tax office. To receive the certificate you will be able in a special window on the results was. You just need to sign and receive the document.