You will need
  • - passport;
  • - statement of the physical person on registration in tax authority.
Log in to your account on the website public Services. In the list of popular services (!_description) select "tax registration and obtaining tax". On the opened page, you can find description of services, list of requested documents.
Select the method of filing "In electronic form". On the basis of existing system of registration information, she will prepare the statement for statement on the account. It remains to check the correctness of the information and agree to the remote transmission of information and data processing.
On reviewing the application, the taxpayer must receive notification to the specified email address or phone number. The current status of the application can be tracked through your personal account service Services.
Another method of remote registration was involves sending a statement directly to FNS. This can be done at It is suitable for those who have no access to the portal of public Services. The procedure of registration there is rather long and involves getting the access token in the mail or in Rostelecom.
The law established that the training period was not to exceed five days. In practice, however, often draws on the document faster.
Today through Internet you can only apply for INN. To receive the certificate, you will need personally in the tax. For this you need to show the passport and to call the number assigned to the application. Was issued only on enshrined at the place of permanent residence. At temporary registration can be obtained only in the absence of registration.