You will need
  • To was quite simple. Contact the tax office at the place of residence. With them you will need to have a passport and a passport copy.
Passport. This is the basic document of the citizen of the Russian Federation, and, in fact, only he will need when managing. Every citizen, from 14 years of age, can independently to INN if necessary. If in your passport there is no information about your registration, you will need proof of your residence.
A copy of the passport. Make sure you had a copy of the passport, you will need it. Better to do it in two instances. If you don't have a copy, you either have to find where to do it, or you'll make the tax, but at exorbitant prices.
A statement in form No. 2-2. This form will give you already in the tax, there is also a sample for filling.
If you changed the name of marriage, take the marriage certificate and its copy.
To obtain the INN for a minor child who is not yet 14 years old, you will need: the passport of the child's parent or legal representative and passport copy, birth certificate of the child. If not listed in the certificate, the citizenship, you need proof of citizenship.
INN you will be able to obtain within 5 working days after submission of the application. INN is free. If the certificate was lost, to restore it you will have to pay a fee.