You will need
  • Computer, Internet, telephone, your address.
Go to the official website of the Federal tax service of Russia. On the home page click "Find address on". The system will redirect you to the page specifying the necessary details. You will be asked to enter the code your tax office. Leave the field blank and click "Next".

Select from the drop down list or enter a search string, region, district, town and street of your organization. In some cases, it is sufficient to specify only the region and the district. After these steps, the site will give you all the required information. You find out the number of inspections, its address, phone number, working hours and details. In addition, the website will reveal the necessary data, and registered tax, in which you can obtain a new enterprise.
Log on to legal, reference and information website of the Moscow city court and look in the left column, the link "Tax authorities". Click on it. On the opened page you will find information on addresses, phones and details of inspections not only in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions.
Call the help Desk and find out the phone number of the Directorate of the Federal tax service in your area. This number will clarify which inspection serves your organization. This will need to call the legal address of your company or your personal address (if you act as individual).
Take a look at your INN, if you already know it. The first and second digits indicate the code of the Russian Federation, but the third and fourth digits is a number of your tax office. This is equivalent for both individuals and legal entities.
If you want to know the number of the tax Inspectorate, which is attached to your own organization, take a look at the Certificate on statement on the tax account. It shows the desired number.