How to INN of the physical person on the website services

The opportunity to was a physical person via the Internet for anyone registered to the website services (all links are below). If you have not yet done so, please register, because the site really is indispensable when it comes to a range of public services. Please note that to complete registration you need to input a special code that is usually sent by mail to the postal address of a natural person, so the procedure may take several days.

To obtain INN of the physical person, go to the directory the most popular public services. In the list click the header of a proposal to register and to INN. This section will contain all necessary instructions, following which you will be able to achieve the desired result. For starters, it is important to note the most correct in this case, the method of obtaining bids in electronic form.

Refer to your application for registration to the tax authority, which will be prepared automatically because all the necessary information civilians will already be in the system of public services after registration. Check the correctness of the data before their processing and subsequent remote transmission. After some time on your e-mail address or mobile phone will receive a notification about the request status. It remains to wait for completion of the procedure and to observe its production via personal Cabinet.

How to INN of the physical person on the site FNS

If you are not registered on the public services, there is always another way to get INN to a natural person via the Internet, but this time with the help of the official website of the Federal tax service. Unfortunately, the registration process here takes some time because its completion is also usually required enter key to be sent by mail.

Follow the on-screen instructions to register with the tax authority in your city and get an individual number. To choose the right local tax will help the service determine addresses on. In accordance with Russian legislation, preparation of necessary documents to FNS shall be made within five working days.

Get your INN of the physical person. This can only be done from the appropriate tax authority in your place of residence. Came at the appointed time by presenting your passport and calling the number of your application on the website of public services or FNS. In addition, there is a way of receiving the certificate by registered mail. This will require notarized copies of documents with ID and the address of residence of a natural person.