INN or individual taxpayer identification number is a digital code that is assigned to both individuals and legal entities in order to streamline the registration of taxpayers on the territory of Russia. It is used in tax accounting in the vast majority of documents. It is much more convenient than using personal data.
Since 1999, Russia adopted the first part of the Tax code of the Russian Federation. At the same time began was to assign both physical and legal persons.

To was at a branch of the Tax service of the Russian Federation. Actually, the INN is a numeric code consisting of 12 numbers. The first two of them indicate the code of the Russian Federation, the next 2 is the number of Tax inspections, appropriated the INN, the next 6 digits – the number of the tax records of the taxpayer. The last 2 digits are the control.
Check digits used to verify the correctness of the record.

INN remains unchanged, even if the person changes the name, place of residence or work. In the Department, FNS issued a document, which contains the code and the date of its attribution and the personal data of the citizen.

Although a taxpayer identification number for individuals legally recognized voluntary, many employers require it for admission of the citizen to work. If a person inadvertently or as a result of unforeseen circumstances, lost document service tax, specifying INN, there are several ways to learn it.

Learn INN through the Internet

Tax service created a special service that allows any person at any time to learn your individual tax identification number. For this special form is sufficient to indicate

- surname, name and patronymic (at presence);
- date and place of birth;
- series, number and date of issue of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

The service response will not have to wait long - within a few seconds.

Issuance of the certificate on INN assignment in the Tax service

If the employer requires a document on INN assignment, you will have to apply to the Department of Federal tax service in person and apply for the reissuance of the certificate on INN assignment.

This service is paid, will have to pay about 200 rubles, and a week later you get a new document.

The indication of the INN in the passport

To avoid any troubles in connection with the loss of tin, a citizen may wish to contact the Tax office with a request to specify the code was in his passport. In this case, on page 18 of the passport of the employee of tax service specifies the VAT number, the name of the tax authority was appropriated, the Department code of the Federal tax service according to the established system and the date of entry.