You will need
  • computer;
  • - any information about the organization.
To find out information about the details of the organization, including KPP (code of reason for registration), INN (taxpayer identification number), Bank account and other, refer to the official website of the Federal tax service You will be redirected to the page information included in the unified state register of legal entities. Complete the fields that you are aware of: INN, GRN (state registration number) of the organization, its name, address or other data.
If the online tax service to find details of the organization failed, go to Fill in the known fields. Please note that in this resource you can also search Bank details (correspondent account, Bank name, etc.), shipping details (consignee code consignee, etc.) and other details. To do this, click on the "Additional attributes" and fill in the appropriate fields.
If you need to find the data classifiers - OKATO (national classification of administrative and territorial division), acof (all-Russian classifier of fixed assets) and other, visit the website Select classifier from the left column and look for the right information. Also, if necessary, use the "Search" button in the upper left corner of the site.
If you want to know the details of the organization in connection with suspected fraud or other illegal activity, contact law enforcement. However, the police can refuse you if you do not have relevant powers or the fact they seem not too important. On the other hand, if the illegality of the organization is confirmed, you will have to contact the police, and, turning in advance, you may help catch the criminals before they have time to escape.