You will need
  • - the statement in tax inspection;
  • - INN;
  • - your passport;
  • - passport of a given person.
Contact the tax office at the place of residence of a given person. If you want to know the code of a legal person, you can contact the tax office at the place of registration of the enterprise. Legal entities began to assign was in 1993, individuals – in 1999, individual entrepreneurs have received a personal code in 1997.
Write statement, specify the reason why you are interested in personal information and why you cannot know her personally from the taxpayer. To in the tax office have given you information, the reason for the interest should be very respectful. Present your passport or other identity documents.
Personal data of physical person you will get his personal digital code, consisting of 12 Arabic digits, where the first digits indicate the subject of the Russian Federation where the citizen resides permanently. Two – room tax, was issued, following 6 individual codeand the each payer's individual and indicates the serial number of the tax records. Also, do not repeat the last two key figures, which you can verify the authenticity of the INN.
If you are interested in codeohms of the individual entrepreneur, it will be the same as the individual, if the employer has not expressed a personal desire to change the code at the time of his activities. The numbers in codee FE are the same as those of individuals.
Code of legal entity you will be given 10 digits. As usual the first two is the number of the tax Inspectorate that issued the document, the following five – sequence number of the record in egrn, are the last two in the control group.
Code of the legal entity, which operates in Russia, but has foreign citizenship begins with the number 9909, the next five digits is the code of the company, and two control for authentication was.
To learn the identification code of a physical person you can, looking at the 18-th page of the passport. On this page at the request of the taxpayer shall include all of the information about the INN.