Advice 1: How to restore the lost INN

Taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a digital code, which receives earmarked taxes with official work of the citizen. He is assigned to each person of full age and is issued only once for life. However, there are situations requiring the recovery of the certificate on assignment of individual number, for example, in case of loss.
Certificate was
In case of loss of certificate of tax can be recovered. It is necessary to contact tax body at the place of issuance of the previous certificate or to another place of residence, taking with him the identity document with the indication of registration to this address. You should write a statement about the loss of documents by a special pattern that is filled very carefully and accurately. In addition to the passport data in the application form necessarily fit the exact address of the place of residence and index date and the last registration. In a certain column be useful to include information about what the certificate on assignment of individual number was lost.
It is important to know what to restore the lost INN need to provide a receipt for payment of this service tax service. The fact that this document is issued free of charge. But for the re-design of the certificate was required to pay 200 rubles. In cases that require the urgent restoration of the certificate provides for the payment of 400 rubles. The results of the new instrument was made before the expiry of 5 working days from the date of application.
Currently, the particular popularity of the new online service, which is organized by Federal tax service (FNS) to improve the quality of service of taxpayers. Now, individuals who have lost their certificate of taxpayer identification number may obtain information through the Internet. To do this, go to the official service FNS of the Russian Federation and fill all the required fields with the indication of surname, name, patronymic and passport data.
How to restore the certificate with a unique number over the Internet is no different from the virtual. Required to fill the online application form, indicating all personal data, including leave contact information for follow-up. Once a new document was ready, the IRS is required to inform the applicant about it and say when and where it can be taken away.

Advice 2 : How to get the certificate of individual entrepreneur

Working for yourself is the dream of many. An individual entrepreneur can be any Russian citizen who has attained the age of majority and decided to start their own business without forming a legal entity. For this it is necessary to conduct an appropriate svidetelstvo of the tax office.
How to get the certificate of individual entrepreneur
To begin, select a system of taxation. It may be UTII (single tax on imputed income) or the simplified tax system (STS). They allow you to hire additional accountant and pay quarterly a fixed percentage of tax on earned income alone. But you have the right to employ others on contract basis. The work of the individual entrepreneur counts in the General seniority, and payments to the pension Fund are eligible for retirement.
Find out in tax inspection a full list of necessary documents and the procedure of their registration.
Pay in a savings Bank the state fee.
Make a copy of your passport (all completed pages) and reassure her by a notary.
Write an application for the registration of the individual businessmanand statement on the application of the chosen system of taxation.
After collecting all the necessary documents, submit them to the tax office at the place of residence.
After submission don't forget to take the tax inspector a receipt that will be required to receive all certificates. At the expiration of the fixed term (five to seven working days) you can have the certificate on the state registration of the physical person as the individual businessman, and also on making record in unified state register of individual entrepreneurs and about INN assignment. Please note: you need to give three certificates.
If you do not go over documents in person at the allotted time, they are obliged to send mail to the registration address.
Remember that getting the certificate UI, you work at your own risk and are responsible for all their obligations with their own property.

Advice 3 : What to do if lost INN

Was required to the citizen for employment in all activities related to taxes. But the documents have a nasty tendency to get lost. Nice is that to know a room was possible, even without resorting to the restoration of the lost document.
What to do if lost INN
INN or individual taxpayer identification number is a digital code that is assigned to both individuals and legal entities in order to streamline the registration of taxpayers on the territory of Russia. It is used in tax accounting in the vast majority of documents. It is much more convenient than using personal data.
Since 1999, Russia adopted the first part of the Tax code of the Russian Federation. At the same time began was to assign both physical and legal persons.

To was at a branch of the Tax service of the Russian Federation. Actually, the INN is a numeric code consisting of 12 numbers. The first two of them indicate the code of the Russian Federation, the next 2 is the number of Tax inspections, appropriated the INN, the next 6 digits – the number of the tax records of the taxpayer. The last 2 digits are the control.
Check digits used to verify the correctness of the record.

INN remains unchanged, even if the person changes the name, place of residence or work. In the Department, FNS issued a document, which contains the code and the date of its attribution and the personal data of the citizen.

Although a taxpayer identification number for individuals legally recognized voluntary, many employers require it for admission of the citizen to work. If a person inadvertently or as a result of unforeseen circumstances, lost document service tax, specifying INN, there are several ways to learn it.

Learn INN through the Internet

Tax service created a special service that allows any person at any time to learn your individual tax identification number. For this special form is sufficient to indicate

- surname, name and patronymic (at presence);
- date and place of birth;
- series, number and date of issue of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

The service response will not have to wait long - within a few seconds.

Issuance of the certificate on INN assignment in the Tax service

If the employer requires a document on INN assignment, you will have to apply to the Department of Federal tax service in person and apply for the reissuance of the certificate on INN assignment.

This service is paid, will have to pay about 200 rubles, and a week later you get a new document.

The indication of the INN in the passport

To avoid any troubles in connection with the loss of tin, a citizen may wish to contact the Tax office with a request to specify the code was in his passport. In this case, on page 18 of the passport of the employee of tax service specifies the VAT number, the name of the tax authority was appropriated, the Department code of the Federal tax service according to the established system and the date of entry.

Advice 4 : How to recover lost INN

In order to feel confident in society, man needs a certain set of documents. These documents include a passport, work book and certificate on assignment of individual tax number, the short INN. It is very important to know how to restore the INN in case of loss.
How to recover lost INN

Recovery was at the place of residence

For restoration of the lost was necessary to pay the state duty in any branch of Sberbank. The fee is 200 rubles, and for urgent issue was the stamp duty at twice the usual 400 rubles. Even if the document was destroyed by fire or stolen, you still have to pay the state duty. The IRS does not consider why the lost document.

Then call the tax office at the place of residence or location. Requirements passport or temporary registration with the receipt of payment of registration fee. You must then fill out an application for the reissuance INN (the form issued by the inspector, the sample usually lies or hangs in a prominent place). After 5-7 days, the new certificate will be ready. His number is not changed. In the accelerated issuance of the certificate can be collected on the next day of inspection work. If you do not have a permanent residence, then when applying you can specify the address, which at the time of submission of the application you actually live. But then the issued certificate shall not be free and immediate replacement in case you suddenly change your place of residence, or acquire permanent residence. Therefore, if possible, the document is better to postpone until the time when you will not have issues with registration.

Recovery was in the mail

Before you restore the INN in the mail, you need to visit the notary and to assure him a photocopy of the passport. Paying the state fee, make a copy of the payment receipt. Then go to the website of the Federal Tax Service and fill it with a form of "2-2 - Accounting. You must fill in the fields specifying your surname, name and patronymic, passport data or other identification document – birth certificate, residence permit. Completed application to be printed, applied to it all the necessary photocopies and sent by registered mail to the address of the tax service by place of residence through the mail.

On the website of the Federal tax service you can not only fill out the application, but to track information about the processing status of your application. This website offers the following services:
- design INN via the Internet for the child;
- the ability to recognize own and others ' INN;
- the restoration of a private was online;
- INN;
- obtaining was via the Internet is not the place of residence.

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