You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the basis for registration;
  • - a piece of departure;
  • - completed application.
The most important among them - the basis for registration. This can be a certificate of housing ownership (if the apartment you bought or moved into the property on other grounds, first get the document Rosreestr), the statement on registration from the owner or the contract of uncompensated use of a dwelling, certified by a notary public or at the place of submission of documents, or other depending on the situation.

Upon the certification of the contract or the statement of the notary, an employee of the housing Department or the FMS needs to see the passports of all who are in his presence, sign the contract, a copy financially-the personal account and excerpt from the book, which are taken in the housing Department on presentation of a passport of any of the tenants registered in apartment, where you are prescribed.
Application form on registration at the place of residence can be obtained from the housing office or the division of the FMS, download on the portal along with a fill pattern or fill out this portal in online mode after login.

If you are discharged from your previous place of residence, it is enough to fill your coupon to the statement. In the case when taken off the register, to attach the address leaf of departure.

If you have not previously had a residence permit in Russia, piece of departure is not needed. If there was, but the piece is lost, you are obliged to register still.
The procedure is finished. Your passport with the stamp of registration at the new address and, if necessary, the statement from the former place of residence must be returned within three days.