What are the solutions for contact lenses

There are several types of swabs, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, the water-saline solution for contact lenses, the composition of which is almost identical to the composition of natural human tears, is the most common way to care for contact lenses. Daily soaking in water-salt solution allows to maintain the elasticity, moisture and other important properties of contact lenses. In addition, regular use of water-salt solution contributes to the leaching of various chemical compounds formed on the lenses during wear.

Solutions for contact lenses based on hydrogen peroxide disinfect great lenses and flush with the surface of the accumulated mineral deposits and dirt.
Despite the fact that the peroxide solution for contact lenses is an excellent medium for chemical cleaning, contact with eyes can cause a person discomfort.

The solution for contact lenses, you can prepare and of a special enzyme tablets, perfectly removes from the surface of the lenses harmful to the eyes protein and lipid deposits. Treatment of contact lenses with a solution of enzyme tablets is enough to be done once a week.

Increasing popularity among owners contact lenses win-solutions that are able to perform several functions: to soften contact lenses, to remove from their surface protein deposits, disinfect and thoroughly rinse. Despite such a broad range of actions-solutions for contact lenses, they are inferior in their effectiveness to other drugs used in combination.

Choosing a good contact lens solution

The desire of some people to save on the purchase of contact lens solution or the desire to choose it yourself, without the help of a good specialist, can end very badly. The fact is that each medium has its own unique formulation designed to care for a particular type of contact lenses.
Even if the solution is universal, in the manual it can be any important caveats.

When choosing contact lens solution do not neglect the advice and recommendations of the expert. Buy solution for soft contact lenses only in specialty stores and pharmacies and try to choose the means leading trusted manufacturers with good reputation in the market such as Renu, Bausch&Lomb, Cooper Vision, Maxima Optics.