You will need
  • container;
  • - plastic tweezers;
  • - cleaning solution (or saline).
Contact lenses are perfectly absorb dirt. The problem lies not only in the surface dust particles and hair, which is easy to wash off solution. Lens, neglect, dirty on the inside. It can be as a speck of dust, grit and various substances and harmful microorganisms. Constant contact with the surface of the eyeballs leads to the formation on the surface of the deposits of organic nature. These factors do not simply bring the lens into disrepair, they increase the risk of developing eye diseases. To avoid losing health and vision lenses (especially extended wear) daily or weekly should be washed and cleaned.
To do this, purchase approved ophthalmologists special solutions. Their composition is tailored to the security requirements for eye health. But low-quality tools with expired shelf life can cause serious illness, including blindness. The most simple and effective way to care for contact lenses — the use of multipurpose solutions. They are designed for storing, cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing contact lenses.
Before each interaction with lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Remove and put the lens in the container with the plastic tweezers.
Cleaning of contact lenses is performed in the following sequence. Fill clean container with fresh solution, put the lens on the palm of the concave surface up. Store lens solution index finger can easily press down and RUB the surface of the lensafter cleaning, thoroughly rinse the product in solution.
To disinfect lenses, remove it with tweezers from the solution, fill the container with fresh medium and immerse the lenses in it for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight). Lenses ready to wear.