Naturally, every buyer has their own criteria for evaluating products, including contact lenses. The most popular and high quality are considered some of the most famous brands of lenses that are commercially available.

Acuvue lenses from the company Johnson & Johnson

This brand is quite famous. For those who want to find the best lens in the first place should pay attention to the brand Acuvue. These lenses allow you to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. They are universal. This brand has several types of lenses: one-day, two-week.

These lenses are comfortable to wear, as well as the ability to pass oxygen to the cells of the eye. The blue tint makes them visible. Thanks to this feature simplifies the process of donning. But when you buy these lenses you should consider the fact that they are quite expensive.

Silicone hydrogel lenses Proclear

Lenses of this firm have good characteristics. They are quite thin, do not cause discomfort when wearing. They can be used for sensitive eyes that are prone to allergies. Lenses this companies are hydrophilic. They are perfectly breathable.

Lenses from the Biomedics company

Lenses from the Biomedics company are currently quite popular. They have a large percentage of moisture, but also protect the eyes from the UV rays. Those who have long enjoyed these lenses are pointed out comfort when worn.

Biomedics company has a range of extended wear lenses and daily. Opticians are advised to choose lens daily wear as they allow oxygen.

Lenses companies Fresh Look

This firm manufactures colored lenses. Products of this brand have been specially designed in order to change the color of the eyes and simultaneously to correct nearsightedness. Lenses from the company's Fresh Look are also well suited for sensitive eyes.

Lenses Air Optix

Popular silicone lenses can note brand called Air Optix. These contact lenses have a high permeability. With this feature, they do not evoke the feeling of sand in eyes, dryness and cramps. You can find this brand in any stores.

Contact lenses from the company VizoTeque Supreme

Lenses of this company is ideal for very sensitive eyes. These silicone lenses are of good air permeability, fineness, and easy to wear. Lenses contain hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the eyes and makes the process comfortable socks.